In this 1-99 hunter guide, I will tell you the fastest and best way to get to the desired hunter level 99. I hope this 99 Hunter guide could help you and give you some fast levels.Please leave me some feedback in the feedback sections down there and maybe also a comment?
PenguinInformer 3 years ago from Illinois, USA I do enjoy that there is a skilled runescape hubber. 243, 300 per hour Skill requirements Item requirements Quest requirements… статистическое исследование - об этом детальнее, подробно. We are the best technology blogs out their noted that users were left confused between all these various different models, makes and sizes of phones.
From the easy green dragons to the strong annoying mithril dragons this guide covers them all. Another quick tip any birmhaven dungeon dragon requires a hatchet to continue in the dungeon.
If you have any feedback please post here make sure it's following the rules of this forum though. Even if your doing only slayer, profit, or training method please read all of them because sometimes i explain things for all of them in one of them.
All the baby dragon maps and blue dragon are in gifs but i could not get the normal dragon in gifs sorry for the inconvenience :(. If your after making some profit I suggest going to any of the green dragon hunting areas that are in the wilderness. Now when hunting green dragons you will probably want to use melee for seeing as how it's one of the easiest ways to kill them. I do not suggest EVER maging green dragons because unless you have a high prayer level it will be a great hassle on their melee attacks.
If you want to just gain as much exp as you can per hour then i suggest filling up your inventory with food and go at it.
If you want to get money while training then do the method above but stick to only dragon bones so you still get profit but stay there longer. Now again if you just want to finish your task in one sitting just do the training method where you fill your invent with food.
So summarize that if you want money from this task do profit method if you want to finish the task as fast as possible do Training method.
The ones in Gu'Tanoth Cave are close to Yanille which if you have your house there can be a quick banking trip. These dragons are most commonly ranged because of the fact that you can safe spot in all locations.
Simply collect both hides and bones till your inventory is full then depending on your location bank and return.
Ranging these dragons is most profitable method seeing as you can easily go with little to nothing in your inventory. If you want to keep at the mother dragon then i suggest you get ready because most commonly you get 110-170 per task. Again i personally suggest doing the baby version of these dragons much faster to finish the task and the exp is decent. You can either tank them and bring food for your training or safe spot them with rune halberd or of course range safe spots. These dragons are also good for charm collecting anyone interested in training there summoning. As these dragons are quite a nuisance I won't be posting ways profit or training methods just simply slayer. If not then simply go to either location and fill up your inventory with food and a way to teleport out of there. On the Red Dragon Isle there is no real usefull safespot so i suggest using the Birmhaven Dungeon as to not worry about revenants.

Again as I said before red dragons baby or not are not the best training or profit gaining methods when it comes to dragon hunting. Seeing as there hides are currently higher then dragon bones some people just bury bones but if your in this for the profit keep both. On the Evil Chicken Lair method simply bring a raw chicken into zanaris and use it on the shrine.
Once your inventory is filled (black hides and d bones) simply click on the purple portal where you came from run to bank and repeat. In all scenarios I suggest the Evil Chicken Lair if you can but of course if you have not done the quest Traverly Dungeoun is your second best bet. These are a good idea to do if you want to finish a quick slayer task instead of fighting the strong black dragons.
If you haven't noticed a pattern with the baby dragons by now there usually good for slayer task completion. An annoying task because bronze dragons are strong as iron but have lower drop rate on the better items.
Now that were on metal dragons you need to understand that your anti fire shield is not going to be all your protection. ANTI FIRE POTION DOES NOT REPLACE AN ANTI FIRE SHIELD DO NOT EVER FIGHT DRAGONS WITHOUT AT LEAST THE SHIELD. If maging or raging attack from a range (2-3 spaces away) and you won't have to worry about the dragons melee attacks. Metal dragons are the only ones i ever suggest you should mage for you can decide whether they melee attack you or not.
Iron dragons are famous for there dragon drops like dragon platelegs and dragon plateskirt. Although I don't suggest doing these for melee training it is doable just simply get ready to bank for more prayer potions. Your probably thinking that's a stupid weak mage sell but it is effective here that i can guarantee. When doing these i suggest meleeing them as they are quickly defeated with high combat stats. Also the drop rate for dragon items are great and of course the famous draconic visage is not a bad 23m (Sept 14) addition to your bank. Same thing with all the other ones ive described so far follow the gear guide and simply bring more potions.
I want to personally say I trained my magic here for a while which eventually got me a draconic visage (back when they were 16m). It's a great place to train although steel dragons are a lot less in number then iron dragons simply stick to one steel dragon and wait for respawn. Remember using chaos bolt with chaos gauntlets is very effective in the magic training so stick with it.
Thats why i suggest sticking to the west wall where there are 3 steel dragon respawns and only 1 iron dragon respawn. Just stick with those and if in an empty world switch between two while waiting for respawns. These are decent exp although you can not kill them instantly like most tasks there are no baby metal dragons ;). I do not suggest training at mithril dragons because of there amazing defensive stats and strong attacks.
There mage defence is so high you would be wasting your time and money just thinking about maging them. So if your planning on profit try to stick as long as possible with the potions and pick up all rune items. Simply use same method for fighting them in the profit method except follow the other guide.

I only mention slayer because these monsters are on the top of the most annoying runescape monsters ever.
Similarly you should have a small section on the KBD, perhaps with a link to a more extensive KBD guide.
And to be honest, drops from Steel Dragons don't differentiate from Irons that much, but they require far more effort to kill.
Now when you say dragon sizes do you mean the pictures because i got them off the zybez site but i can easily change the size. Brazil soccer legend Ronaldo — considered one of the greatest players EVER — has touched down in Beverly Hills … and last night he weighed in on the great soccer debate — Lionel Messi vs. The argument has been raging for years — with people claiming each superstar has a valid claim to be called “The Greatest.” In fact, some people have said they’re the two best players of all time. So, when Ronaldo was leaving Madeo … where he had the veal milanese by the way … we had to ask if he thought Messi deserved to be called #1.
The 99 hunter skill cape stands for wealth, because hunter is one of the skills that make a lot of money. At the beginning, you will see what to hunt and also what you need in order to make a trap or whatsoever and afterwards, I will show you a diagram of how much xp you make per hour at what level and there is a a€?helpful sectiona€? in the end.
At level 20, you should wear the Larupia clothing (see: helpful items and monsters section). You should take a tinderbox with you, 4 small fish nets and 4 ropes in order to set up the trap. The only thing you have to take with you are 500 gp in order to pay this guy, who will give you a falcon. I dona€™t recommend you doing this at all, because you wona€™t catch many at this low level. Benefits and Effects of Alpha waves in Meditation and Binaural BeatsIn this article, you will read about the effects, ocurrence and benefits of Alpha brain waves.
Getting to start doing draconic jadinkos is really complicated and worthy of a guide of its own.
I quitted RS a longer time ago, but I ought to check it out and well, maybe I will then write some 07 guides. No doubt the hits on YouTube reviews for these phones must have also doubled at least from the trend experienced previously on such videos. Also if you want you can drink anti fire potion to reduce any fire attacks (you still need anti fire shield). If training magic get chaos gauntlents from the family crest quest and fire bolt the dragons.
My only recommendation is to fix the dragon sizes (dragon below each heading) for more consistency throughout your guide. At the beginning, getting 99 hunter can be boring and will require some endurance and patience to level, but as soon you are in the higher levels, levelling hunter will become great fun and your money will increase with every single hour! Also, you will get a list with all Alpha waves frequencies and what they do specfically and more. I don't even quite know what the 07 thing is about in detail, but yeah, you can follow me and then, you will see it when I publish the 07 guides ;). My one suggestions is that you add Wyverns, because they are considered dragons and are relevant to slayer as well as the Rag and Bone man quest for a family of dragons. I strongly recommend you to set up the traps like an a€?Xa€?, one in the middle and four on each edge.
At hunter 99, you will have caught 41k chinchompas and you basically never have to teleport to store them, because they are stackable and can be equipped.

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