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When we feel dissatisfied, it can be tempting to think that by changing one thing, everything else will fall into place.
Robert Dilts developed the Logical Levels of Change model based on the work of anthropologist Gregory Bateson. Change at the lower levels can be easier to make, but might not be as lasting, or as effective as we hoped, because the change didn’t consider the higher levels. Change at one level always influences the steps below, so by going higher up the ladder we can assess the desirability of the change for us as a ‘whole person’, address any underlying motives or issues, and then decide on the level at which change needs to take place. It links the important aspects, which are needed for the description of people.Context The context describes the environment, the surrounding field.
The model provides a framework of the different levels atwhich change takes place, acting as a general map of the change process.

By starting at a higher level we bring the levels below into balance with each other, and only by satisfying all levels of the change model can true excellence be achieved. This model  can be used to describe roles in a holistic way - from environment and visible actions through convictions up to the affiliation. Robert demonstrates how to collect information from all logical levels and use the information to facilitate change. When we find the same old issues still exist in the new environment, it can mean that the change we introduced was at the wrong ‘level’ to solve the problem.
Behavior level: “What do I do when I have my outcome in those times andplaces?” “What behaviors are present in those times and places?”4. Beliefs level: “Why do I use those particular capabilities to accomplish thoseactivities?“ “ What values are important to me when I have my outcome?”“What beliefs guide me? Spiritual level: “Who else am I serving from my outcome?” “What is mymission?” “What is the vision I am pursuing or representing?”8.

Takethat physiology and inner experience and step back into the identityspace so you experience both at the same time. Take your experience of both your vision and your identity andbring them into your belief space.
Again notice how it enhances orenriches your initial representation of your beliefs and values.10.
Experience how they strengthen, change or enrich the capabilitiesyou experience within yourself.11.
Notice how even the most insignificant-seemingbehaviors are reflections and manifestations of all of the higherlevels within you,12.

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