In this first illustrated book of the celebrated choreographer's life and work, extracts from personal journals and letters with photographs from his own collection reveal how some of the masterpieces of 20th century musical theatre and dance came about. Beautifully designed and overflowing with photographs, theater programs, sketches by Robbins, notes, etc. Basically an illustrated book with phtos of his stage works, playtime, musings, drawings, etc. SINGLE-HANDEDLY KEPT ITV in business in the early 70s, so this endlessly-mocked transportation-tweaking torpitude has got to count for something.

More than one article in The Sun depicting Anna Karen as a glamour-puss with much lauding of the miracle of make-up and costume that made her look like an ugly old trout. Reading this book is like attending a museum exhibit on Jerome Robbins: informative, with lots of artifacts and quotes from the man himself, but not much deep and detailed analysis of his work or psychoanalysis of his life. All the critics loathed it, naturally, but fifty thousand billion viewers watched its 74,000 episodes, not to mention the (count ’em!) three film spin-offs. Reg Varney was well into his 50’s when he was still playing an overly randy young bloke.

Enjoy some of our favorite Tony Robbins quotes! Tony Robbins Quotesa€?The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you.

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