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Many people who become overweight look to a diet to ‘fix’ their problem but as many as 95 percent of them find out that is the wrong place to look for a solution to their struggles with weight and food issues. The Paleo style of eating is not another diet (Lord no, not another diet), but more of a lifestyle. The following is an excerpt from an interview that I did with Scott Tousignant from the MP3 audio program, Unstoppable Fat Loss. Scott: When it comes to the mind, and you teach all the fantastic ways to reprogram it, what are some of the things that people are doing that are holding them back, in regards to their current mindset? The problem with a diet is that the presupposition of a diet on a deeper level is that a) it is only temporary, and b) it is going to mean deprivation. I spend a lot of time talking about the conscious and unconscious mind; so let me give you a little bit of foundational information on that. Scott: Sort of like what happens to me a lot, where I follow the same path to work all the time. And if you look at reading and writing, at one point that was extremely difficult to do, but now it’s completely automatic.
Jim: Now this is what people are doing to themselves 24 hours a day when they go on a diet.

Good health guidelines advocate eating lean meats, fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and dairy products like eggs and milk.
The program does stress moderation here, but even for four days eating pizza, burgers, fries, and sodas can be a temptation that could continue beyond the four days.
If you adopt the mindset that we cover below and apply it to your workouts and nutrition plan, you can expect success and amazing results.
I am going to kind of break it down, because, people do not realize that they are literally sabotaging their own success, with the way most people think about weight loss. And if I’m going down the same road with a different destination and my mind is somewhere else, I catch myself continuing along that path when I really should have turned a couple of miles back.
He was a Russian scientist, he was studying dogs, and he came up with this experiment where he put the food in front of the dog and they would salivate.
I say if your willpower is so strong, do you want to take your breathing and let your conscious mind be in control of that? Get all your will power in your body, because I want you to not think about what I’m about to say.
They keep telling themselves what they can’t eat, and then they are unintentionally focusing on exactly what it is that they want to reduce in their lives. We got this picture on the internet that we consider would be one of the most representative photos for turtle tribal tattoo designs. We took this picture on the net we believe would be probably the most representative photos for celtic lion tattoo designs. We had taken this image from the net that we consider would be probably the most representative images for japanese tattoo designs for girls.
He charged American citizens with the challenge to lose weight and fight the obesity epidemic.

You know you are on a diet, but the point is not to deprive you but to teach you to become satisfied eating healthier. Also, knowing that you only have four days to eat so well, you might go crazy and eat too much which would set back any weight loss up till that time. The seven modules can be done over and over again until you lose as much weight as you need. Or your heartbeat, do you want to consciously control that?” So, the most powerful part of your mind is your unconscious mind, and you need to learn a few basic techniques on how to influence it and how to program it so that you have the connections and the associations that you want. They’re increasing, physiologically, their desire for these foods [laughing] that they want to avoid.
Changing food choices is supposed to stop boredom from setting in like it does with many other eating plans that stress eating the same foods.
The plus is that you won't get bored with the food and any ingredients you buy for meals will eventually get used. There’s too much stuff going on in our lives to consciously think about every little thing. But the problem is that our eating behaviors, our exercise behaviors, those are in the unconscious mind as well. Think about the most enjoyable time you ever had it, and you might find your mouth start to salivate.
Because in the dog’s mind, the sound of the bell and the food had become one, and now elicited the same response.

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