You begin to absorb your mother’s vibrations as well as the vibrations surrounding her.  You are influenced by the vibrations from your Father’s sperm as well. When Reiki brings the two together in a positive way, that’s when the healing begins.  Our mental, physical and spiritual self open up to the infinite possibilities available at all levels. For example: you can raise your vibration from a state of fear (blockages in your energy) or into a state of calm and contentment (flowing energy) promoting positive actions for the necessary healing to begin.

It is my belief that part of the vibrational environment you choose involves your parents or individuals that you will find yourself being influenced by the most.  I personal believe that when you are still in your mother’s womb, before you infuse your energy into human form, you carefully choose situations and vibrations you will be exposed to that will best support the purpose that you intended to accomplish during this particular life experience. This combined, influences and is intended to assist you in forming your own unique vibrations. For guidance and direction to changing “behavior patterns” I highly recommend “You can Heal Your Life” by Louis Hay.

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