In this post I want to spend a little time talking about the human chakras and their calibration on the Scale of Consciousness.
This chakra, which connects us to the earth, gives us vital information about whether actions we’re considering will nourish us or pose a threat. This chakra calibrates at 200 on the Scale of Consciousness, which means it’s at the VERY beginning of Truth and integrity where the kundalini energy begins to rise in the body. This chakra calibrates at 350, so even though this one is higher on the body than the Heart Chakra, it is reached before the Heart Chakra is.

This chakra calibrates at 600 on the Scale of Consciousness, which is the level of Peace and the beginning of Enlightenment. Grab your FREE subscription to receive updates and advice on growing spiritually and living a happier and more fulfilling life. When this chakra is clear and energy flows through it freely, we feel secure and confident that we can easily fulfill our needs.
350 is the start of the consciousness level of Acceptance, where one completely takes back their own power and knows that they’re the source and creator of their own experience of life.

I have a few of hawkings books but only worked with 2 so far, and would like to readmore about this info.

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