Over the past year, BBM has introduced many new features in the secure mobile payment category, with no signs of slowing. BBM and PayPal have teamed up to make sending and receiving money through your BBM Chats even easier. Starting today, the external beta will be available for BlackBerry, iOS and Android BBM users in Canada, and will roll out to other regions around the globe in the coming weeks.
Matt: Whether you’re paying a roommate back for rent or splitting dinner with friends, buying a group gift or sending your kid some spending money, sending money with PayPal through BBM is easy because it’s where your conversation is already happening. Matt: I’m embarrassed – my friend Tracy and I chipped in on a baby gift for another friend, and I still haven’t paid her back. Stay tuned to INSIDE BlackBerry for more details on the PayPal roll out and all things BBM. BBM Update: Introducing PayPal Integration, The BBM Sticker Club, Screenshot Notification and so much more! The views expressed on any corporate or individual's personal website or any Twitter account are not necessarily those of BlackBerry.

While paying to someone today on PayPal I got this error – This recipient is currently unable to receive money. I knew this freelancer has opened the PayPal account recently so the obvious conclusion is that he hasn’t verified his account.
In addition to that PayPal has some very restrictive rules for India thanks to strict RBI rules which suffocates Indians for doing online transactions. I remember that few months back PayPal has blocked all money withdrawals in India as they were in the process of adhering with RBI rules. I think people can find the answers in help center of Paypal but seemed people like to see the process in pictures. I think you’ll like it, Paypal is very convenient for small amount of money transfering, very fast (almost immediately), free to send money, and a little receiving fee (most of time, none). So my friend, if you order flex circuit, rigid-flex, or any circuit boards, with our company (Best Technology), small amount (less than $500), you can choose this way.
For example, instant mobile payments through BBM Money as well as the option to send prepaid mobile credit are just two of the mobile payment options BBM users have access to.

You can start sending money to family and friends once they’ve also connected their PayPal accounts to BBM.
We are rolling out the beta experience starting with select users in Canada, with more countries to follow shortly. As a final question, we’re dying to know – who will be the first person you send money to once this is available in the U.S.?
From there, you’ll simply select the PayPal icon directly in BBM, enter in the amount of money, review the details, and hit send – that’s all it takes!

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