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Every "Secret Tool" I Use To Profit Online!It's taken me over 15 years to discover which tools make me the most money. The depth problem in WWE is something that we on We Talk Wrestling have been going on and on about for months. Jericho is a tricky choice since I have largely looked at him as played out in his last run. Subscribe to We Talk WrestlingWe Talk Wrestling August 1, 2016: RAW Universally Better Than SmackdownAddie and Mo return to talk the first set of Televison shows from the NEW new era. With the douchie clothing and arrogant attitude, Batista was easily hate-able and someone that fans can take seriously on the top of the card and outside of CM Punk, Big Show, and Dolph Ziggler, the WWE has no top heels.
I already am aware that this may be the choice that I get the most arguments with so I will explain my reasoning. Jeff Hardy has always been in the Teflon club, no matter what is done to him he stays over.
The fact that WWE is seeing a resurgence in tag team wrestling is a great thing, in my opinion.  My biggest issue with this sudden rise to prominence is that tag teams, more than singles, have no established stars to bring teams to the next level.
Anyone who has listened to We Talk Wrestling or read some of my previous columns knows that I am a huge fan of managers and would like to see the role return to WWE. Well, I actually shouldn’t say that since I could see the WWE writers pairing him with Fandango and ruining my point. He would return to WWE with two strikes and would really need to prove himself in order to get any type of sustained push but it’s worth (merchandise money) a try. They have a wealth of new talent, they just need experienced and established guys to work with in order to have fans take them seriously. The development of new stars such as The Shield, Ryback, Damien Sandow, and the Prime Time Players are absolutely needed and a step in the right direction. Sure, there is the BS notion that the business is unavoidably cyclical and WWE is on a downturn right now but that doesn’t mean that they should, or will, just give up.
I initially bring back Jericho as a heel and use a character where he is too good for wrestling.
Seriously though, Ric Flair as the manager of Cody Rhodes, Dolph Zigger, or even Daniel Bryan is a formula for success.

Hardy has a waiting feud with CM Punk should he return and could have great matches with Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan.
The problem is that the new guys need to beat established stars in order to get to the next level.
On one hand he has been mentored by Ric Flair, one of the most unselfish main eventers in the history of wrestling.
He’s a rock star, a game show host, dancing with the stars alumnus, and television star but not a wrestler anymore.
I keep Flair as a heel, even though he is likely to be cheered in many arenas, and allow him to help move guys up to the next level. That is easier said than done given that John Cena, Rey Mysterio, and Randy Orton are the elite, established stars and then there is a big drop off to the rest of the card such as Big Show, Sheamus, and even CM Punk.
The short term returns of Triple H, The Rock, and The Undertaker are nice but I’m looking for guys that will come in and be television regulars for the majority of the year. On the other hand, he has been mentored by Triple H, one of the most selfish main eventers in the history of wrestling.
Yes they were old and yes they were past their prime but the aura of the Road Warriors still existed with most fans and the LOD spent the end of 1997 and the beginning of 1998 putting over a new team comprised of Billy Gunn and Jesse James. All of the names that I listed above can benefit from Flair helping them to break though the glass ceiling and become main eventers. At this point in his career Jeff Hardy is the perfect guy to help the next generation get to the top. It’s also going to take time for these stars to establish themselves with the audience and develop into main eventers. It would be interesting to see which side of the coin that Big Dave falls on in this regard. Fast forward fifteen years and that same team, The New Age Outlaws, has the same opportunity with today’s roster of tag teams.
Bret Hart had a similar problem when Hulk Hogan refused to job to him and opted instead to drop the title to Yokozuna in a screwy finish.
I’m going to suggest names in a perfect world scenerio and not be bogged down by movie commitments or politics.
This gives Jericho something new to try and, as a heel, he can feud with guys like Sheamus and Daniel Bryan.

I am not talking about five star, mat classics but the Outlaws still have goodwill with the fans. Starting with one single guy first, and slowly adding a stable would be a great way to slowly introduce Flair as the top manager in wrestling. Part of any profession is giving back and I don’t think any of the guys I have listed here would argue that.
Batista has fresh matches as a heel with Sheamus and Ryback waiting for him and, as a babyface, Batista has Antonio Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, and even a possible dream match with Brock Lesnar.
He could even finally have an actual program with Kofi Kingston and try to get him up the ladder.  When the time comes to transition into a babyface, I could see Jericho feuding with Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro, Wade Barrett, and Cody Rhodes. They are not a part of the Jim Duggan and Sargent Slaughter legends group that have been trotted out twice a year for the past ten years. I’d even give him a shot on Main Event as a commentator to see how he does with that role. Those programs alone could keep Batista occupied in meaningful feuds for at least two years.
Chris Jericho has been a guy that, since establishing himself as a top guy, has always been looking for talent to put over and bring to the next level.
Unlike Jericho and Batista, I see Road Dogg and Mr Ass back for a short time, maybe a year, and used to elevate just one or two teams before riding into the sunset. I say largely because Punk and Jericho still have the ability to say NO and didn’t exercise that option. The brash cocky heels going up against the veterans, comprised of former brash cocky heels is a story that could work and elevate The Prime Time Players to the top of the tag team division. The guys discuss Roman Reigns, his suspension and what this means if anything for Battleground. Just as was the case with Batista, Jericho could have two to three years of programs waiting for him to finish out his career.

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