The idea to convert an old Russian Hill firehouse — San Francisco landmark #188 — into a retail space, cafe and restaurant began in December 2006, when the Jefferies bought the building at auction from the city. But they made it through the gauntlet, even avoiding foreclosure this spring, and procured their occupancy permit last month. There will be a cafe component, serving coffee from one of the city’s Third Wave coffee purveyors. Jeffries envisions a small plates specialist, something can mix well with the retail and cafe, perhaps along the lines of say, Farm:Table. Upstairs is an event space with room for over 200 guests, though the upstairs is still unfinished at this point.
Otto Kilcher from "Alaska: The Last Frontier" stars in the Discovery Channel reality docu-series. Otto Kilcher ("Alaska: The Last Frontier") lives on the family homestead on East End Road in Homer, Alaska. Born in 1952, Otto was the sixth of eight children born in Alaska to Yule and Ruth Kilcher. A master mechanic and machinist, Otto prides himself on being able to fix anything that breaks down on the homestead.
Years ago, Otto relied on hunting for his family's meat supply, but a deep love of the wildlife led him to focus on raising cattle for their needs. Several of my friends have posted on Facebook about feeling isolated and distanced from friends who have not expressed any outrage, sympathy, devastation this week.
Home, the site of all childhood’s revelations and sufferings, changes irrevocably, so that we are all in some sense refugees from a lost world. Just now, I pulled out the compost bucket to scoop the coffee grounds into it, and the scent that wafted up inexplicably put me straight back into my grandparents’ house on Ore Knob Ct. Since an elevator is required by ADA for second-floor public access, Firehouse 8 needed more power, and PG&E had to plug in service on the street. Perhaps more interesting is that they are also looking for an operator of the building’s restaurant space (approx.

After growing up on the homestead, Otto immediately took to a life of raising cattle and running the farm. Decades of collecting broken down machinery and fixing it by had has allowed him to acquire hundreds of pieces of equipment that he and the rest of the homestead have at their disposal to help achieve any task they may have — from haying the meadows to plowing the deep snow. Specifically, queer friends who feel vulnerable and upset by the silence of straight friends and family.
For our purposes here at Inside Scoop, it’s also worth noting that there are several food and drink components in the plans, too.
1,000 square feet), which has been carved out of the first floor, alongside the retail side. I want to say that I’m not one to post much on Facebook, let alone share anything deeply emotional or troubling. Even in a city where restaurant opening road-blocks are notorious, delays often don’t amount to more than a few months here and there. In this case, the absolute horror of what the Orlando shooter -I don’t even want to repeat his name- did last Sunday is beyond words. Cantaloupe rinds, eggshells, old bread, corn husks, onion butts, parsley stems, the remnants of food caught in the screen over the drain, nothing i would have intentionally assembled or predicted. Anna Wintour has been helping Clinton with her wardrobe for various campaign events, Business of Fashion reports. So when you think about six years of permitting, money-raising and retrofitting, that’s more than the entire lifetime of some restaurants. I’m grateful for that memory, so long dormant, of walking into their vestibule and breathing in that scent.
The story, which explores the role of fashion (and the budgets allocated to it, for marketing purposes) for both presidential candidates, sheds some light on how Clinton has strategically been getting dressed the past few months. For starters, other members of Clinton's team who have been chiming in about style matters include her deputy communications director, Kristina Schake, an ex-aide of Michelle Obama who played a part in FLOTUS' look.
The many articles, editorials, and statements that have rushed out in the media and been posted on my friends feed have not helped.

The Vogue EIC has been playing yenta, in a style context, for Clinton, per BoF (and as The Cut pointed out, too). Some of it comes off as a frantic race to use the massacre to further this or that political agenda.
Wintour has dipped into her deep rolodex of designers and introduced the presidential candidate to some of them. Some of it comes off as manipulative or self-obsessed, fighting over the motive and meaning of the shooter’s actions.
But don't worry, these aren't gifted, gratis ensembles: The article asserts that Clinton paid for any looks she's worn as a result of Wintour's connections. It's not out of left field for Wintour to be helping Clinton with her closet, considering the powerful editor (and big Obama supporter) has been raising cash for the candidate by hosting fundraisers for months now. Wintour even wore her Hillary pride on her sleeve, literally, by donning a pro-HRC tee designed by Marc Jacobs to the designer's show in February. I personally feel a strong aversion to the trend, carried by social media, to react immediately and publicly to any disturbing news event. As for Clinton's outfit for the close of the DNC, when she makes her nomination acceptance speech tonight: Wintour will probably go patriotic with her fashion choice. Any guesses as to which U.S.-based label the POTUS hopeful will be kitted out in when she hits the podium this evening? I’m writing now only because incited to do so by the suggestion that not speaking up or reaching out may seem like leaving friends out in the cold, people who need that kind of connection and people who may have taken the #Orlando massacre very personally. More important than labeling the killer, dissecting his brain, labeling the crime, dissecting its trajectory - more important to me is supporting others as they try to cope with inconceivable loss, persistent fear, and unbearable pessimism. I need silence to reflect and absorb, but I would never want my silence to be interpreted as lack of interest or concern.

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