Now, two of Miro’s directors are taking a more literal approach to increasing their funding.
They’ve already received generous sponsorship from a number of Miro clients including Day Delegate, AVC, Conference Care, Oxford Online Pharmacy and Cycle-SOS. If you would like to contribute, you can visit the JustGiving page directly or find out more on the B&BF website. Allimena (right), a 5-year-old girl in Uganda will undergo surgery to repair her bladder in the fall. You can help bladder exstrophy patient Mick Hullinger fund surgeries for other children around the world with bladder exstrophy by making a contribution.

Seven-year-old bladder exstrophy patient Mick Hullinger is putting bladder exstrophy in the headlines thanks to his success in raising money to fund bladder exstrophy repair surgery for other children. To help cope with his own surgery for bladder exstrophy, he (with a little help from his mom Leah Hullinger) recently raised more than $20,000 for Allimena, a young girl in Uganda with bladder exstrophy who also needs surgery. A-BE-CThe Association for the Bladder Exstrophy Community (A-BE-C) is committed to ensuring that all who are affected by bladder exstrophy have the opportunity to realize their greatest life purpose and potential. We’ve also helped on projects such a recent initiative aimed at increasing their donation funding. With a team of thirteen other riders, Mike and Ian will spend Saturday 2nd July on the Ring of Kerry with 11,000 other cyclists.

He looks after our clients from the first moment they contact Miro and then makes sure the on-going relationship is as smooth and fruitful as possible. One of his contributors was Brooklyn, another young bladder exstrophy patient who raised more than $1,600 through her online bake sale. They’ll be pushing themselves through a gruelling slog over steep Irish hills for almost 120 miles, all on one day.

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