BBC Skillswise Home Numbers Calculation Percent and fractions Measuring Shapes Graphs ? Off the back of a tax squeeze, landlords may be thinking of quitting life in buy-to-let altogether. The research reveals that every home on the market in the borough of Barking and Dagenham costs less than £1M. How to Stay Sane when Having Guests Over this SummerFriends coming to stay over the next few months?
Inviting friends or family to stay in your home is a great way to spend time together, but allowing people to share your life and your space also demands some thought and planning if ita€™s to go well. Pin down whoa€™s comingFriends saying theya€™d love to visit is one thing, but dona€™t assume you know whoa€™s included in their party. Spell out just one house ruleIta€™s not fair to expect guests to live exactly by your rules and ita€™s not very welcoming to confront them with a list of doa€™s and dona€™ts as soon as they arrive.
Bend the other rulesIta€™s important to make your friends welcome and this means not only accepting their habits, but also modifying your own. Cater for your guestsa€™ needsThis is about being a considerate host, but ita€™s also just canny. Give a house tourShow guests around your home and explain how the shower works, where they can find a glass to make a drink and where the clean towels and shampoo are. Brief your kidsExplain to your children the importance of being a good host and what that involves. Preserve your bedroomIf you dona€™t have enough guest accommodation and youa€™re expecting a crowd, you may have to give up your bedroom to guests or share it with your children.
Rockly BilyAlthough guests should respect your space and act appropriately, you should also be ready to bend the rules for the short time theya€™re with you.
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If you continue browsing the site, you are giving implied consent to the use of cookies on this website. I have been an interiors journalist since 1995, writing several books on design and numerous features for glossy homes mags over the years. After all, you want your visitors to have a great time and feel at home, but not at the expense of your sanity! Discovering that your friends have also brought along their dogs, their teenage sona€™s best mate or a French exchange student when they turn up on the doorstep is too late.
But to avoid friction during their stay, work out which of your house rules matters most to you and make sure your guests are aware of it. While guests should respect your space and act appropriately, you should also be ready to bend the rules for the short time theya€™re with you.
Guests who outstay their welcome or are sketchy about when theya€™ll arrive and leave can make you anxious and test your generosity. Point out any no-go areas, too, such as the babya€™s room, the doga€™s bed, an elderly relativea€™s space or a study thata€™s likely to be in use. Ita€™s no fun slaving over a stove when youa€™d rather be chatting to your friends and it can leave you feeling worn out and resentful.Try to prepare at least one or two meals in advance to give yourself an easier ride, and dona€™t be afraid to stock-up on ready-made crowd-pleasers like pizza. Therea€™s the cleaning before they arrive, the catering while theya€™re with you and the sense of being a€?ona€? all the time and responsible for their happiness. For Houzz, I cover decorating ideas and trends and interview designers and professionals for their insights to create in-depth features.

Establish exactly whoa€™s coming well in advance, so you can plan for it (or express an opinion).
Whether ita€™s taking their shoes off in the house or not eating on the best sofa, politely let your guests know from the start to spare yourself a lot of stress. However well your hosting is going, ita€™s always good to be able to retreat to your own private space at the end of the day.Bedroom looking messy?
My favourite pieces to write, though, are Houzz Tours, as I love exploring and learning about real homes.
If so, create desk space in the spare bedroom rather than in a communal area like the kitchen, otherwise youa€™ll have to avoid that room altogether and keep shushing the children while your friend works. Discover these neat ideas from tidy peopleTELL USa€¦How do you make sure you enjoy having guests?
So you need to really play safe to gain better pay from the well-known legal surveys like MySurvey, and for this you can connect with quite many potential panels. You may like to think of yourself as the host with the most, throwing open your home to your friends for as long as they like, but if youa€™ve found a four-day visit too much in the past, suggest something shorter. Encourage your guests to sometimes explore the area without you a€“ provide them with maps and a set of keys. Since all the survey companies have limited quantity of offers, you should pick up your selected set of panels only. Sharing your home with a handful of visitors can try tempers, but being able to do this is a valuable life skill. While theya€™re in the house, grab a few minutes for yourself by taking the dog out or going for a bath or a nap. Dig out games or toys for little ones and borrow DVDs or line up some good films on the TV for older children. Find out what your visitors and their kids like to eat, too, so you can offer meals that everyone will enjoy.
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