If you are reading this you may not quite understand the monetary potential of the industry you are in. Here is what I have come to realize: the amount of servers in this country with the knowledge and ability to offer exceptional service are in direct proportion to the amount of customers in this country that have the ability to exhibit high manners, class and tact. If a customer demands excellent service yet patronizes an establishment of casual fare, low prices and common service, it is their folly of judgement in expecting top notch service.
Both of these camps of people are disillusioning  themselves and not following the science of odds.
So, considering this website is for servers!, my advice to you is this; become the best server where you currently work!
Whether this profession is the profession of your dreams or not, you will either be at the lower end or the higher end. I wouldn’t have thought I “needed” this for a minute, but I still learned a ton and was able to put what I learned to use at work, literally from the first lesson. If you have any kind of mind block for your assignment, your client, or maybe you are simply bored — as a ripple effect, all of these aspects will trickle down to your work and that is never a good thing. If you are compelled to freelance but are not “feeling” anything for it, try to be grateful for the many benefits freelancing offers – the flexibility and the freedom is great compared to the million others who have to work inside tiny cubicles, all day, all week. When you accept to work on a certain project or assignment, make sure you are 100% committed. When you only deliver the best each time, and within stipulated timelines, your clients learn to depend on you. When you have completed a deliverable, be sure to be enthusiastic and ask your client if they have more work to give you. Elizabeth Alex has used all of 2015 and most part of this year content writing, social media coordinating, parenting and birthing her second tiny human.

With the christmas season fast approaching, here we have decided to get into the festive spirit early by collating a list of pop-up christmas cards!
Here are some clever ideas for those grandparent’s on the list that you need to get a gift for.
Bright colors and outdoor games is bound to put a smile on that special girl on her big day! Get the therapeutic benefits of aromatic oils and vinegars quite cheaply at home by making them yourself!
You wont’ believe these amazing tips of just what you can use to really clean your home.
Disclaimer: It is not a guarantee to have dis-pleasurable service at an establishment such as this.
And if they are passionate about their business, and you are not – it simply would not work. If, for any reason, you cannot deliver your best or deliver anything at all – you need to keep your clients in the loop about it. The clever designs and complex mechanisms in these diy christmas cards really make them ‘stand out’ from the crowd. Aromatherapy oils can be quite expensive in the stores so we thought we would find a good recipe to share for people to benefit from making them at home.
If you have carved the same pumpkin the same way for years and years, maybe it’s time to do something new. Fall flowers, bright colors, pumpkins, and all the amazing smells fall has to offer can be put in a beautiful craft.
I wanted to be a full-time parent and it was only after I started writing, I discovered my passion for it.

You start missing deadlines or you fail to update them about your impromptu mid-week break.
When your clients give you a deadline and you deliver before time, you earn a ton of brownie points! Of course, doing it regularly has its perks, but delivering half-baked assignments will probably get you fired. She has been working as a blogger and freelancer with several clients from around the world. Many of these cards can be created easily by hand, and are appreciated by friends, family and colleagues who receive your thoughtful, unique and artistic card. You can have files sorted in different categories such as bills to pay, papers to file, school activities and more.
I have been freelancing only about a year and in this (very) short span of time, I have managed to create a great rapport with all my clients.
Apart from that, she loves black coffee, and jumps out of bed with a big smile on her face each morning because there is always something new to learn and to use her existence to the benefit and service of others. When you work with this attitude, your productivity hits the fan and you get more and better freelance jobs.
This is more than a job; she’s on a mission to bring the Good News to as many humans as she can.

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