I'm glad that you've shown interest in my business opportunity that will make you quick cash, fast easy and safe! Get some simple counting practice in by weaving your way through these double-digit number lines.
Kids practice creating patterns with pictures by coloring groups of items according to the sequences given in this 1st grade math worksheet. Packed with skip counting practice, this sporty worksheet builds number sense and paves the way for future multiplication skills. This quick practice test offers simple addition and subtraction word problems to help your first grader review.

Help your child practice his time telling with this printable first grade worksheet, which focuses on quarter hours. Test your first grader's money mastery with this practice quiz featuring questions on coin value, counting coins and money word problems. This math worksheet offers a triple learning whammy: kids practice completing patterns and solving word problems as they sharpen their reading comprehension.
Help your first grader review what she's learned with this practice quiz all about simple shapes and beginning fractions.
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