A money transfer company called Trans-Fast, founded in 1988 and headquartered in New York City, is inaugurating their new service to the Philippines by giving away an iPad 2 every week for a limited time. In a press release, Therese Gamboa, Director of Business Development, said, “We are unbelievably excited to offer the Filipino community the ability to send money online to their friends and family back home.
Trans-Fasts’s new remittance service allows customers to send money online directly to any bank account in the Philippines and to over 10,000 cash pick up locations throughout the country.
Trans-Fast says that their money transfer service stands out by providing Filipinos with the best exchange rate for online money transfers to the Philippines, and a dedicated 24×7 customer support line. Trans-Fast representatives states that they would soon be providing their customers the ability to send money online to many more countries. Money transfers, international payments & foreign exchange dealing services from the UK's leading independent currency exchange experts at HiFX. Access Corrections allows you to get funds to an incarcerated loved one by choosing to use a MasterCard, Visa or debit card online or by calling a toll free number. Please find below a list of Money Transfer companies which allow you to send money online overseas to family or friends.
Send money to India from US using our secure and cost-effective online money transfer service. Send money abroad using the 1st Contact Forex online money transfer service, the affordable way to send money online internationally.
0 Comments   The age of information technology and hyper connectivity is upon us. 0 Comments   No matter from which country you belong, you could easily transfer your money online. Trans-Fast also provides home cash delivery within 24 hours to selected cities, as well as a cash card that can be credited in real time. Trans-Fast’s mission is to be the most secure, fast, affordable and convenient way of sending money to the Philippines, anytime of the day or night. With Money Transfer South Africa it's never been easier to move funds in and out of the country. Either you want to send money to your neighbor or to any overseas countries; you can send money online now. For minimum or more transfer process takes at least three to four days depending upon the distance. He will tell that number to their agent with personal identification information and gets money easily and quickly. Anyone looking to make a one-off payment overseas or even set up regular transactions should consider using one. And all process goes through bank and post offices.Nowadays, easy and fast money transfer process are available. Failure to obtain such permission is a violation of international copyright and trademark laws subject to specific financial and criminal penalties.
There are a number of different methods of money transfer – read the requirements when transferring your funds to see if the method suits your needs. By using bank account money transfer method you can easily transfer money to any bank account holder in your country.
Money Transfer Operators (EG Western Union) now allow you to send money online as well as on the high street.

I am referring to financial services especially money transfer from one country to another.
Its take only one day process for little amount of cash and three days for bigger amounts of cash.But in that process legal bank account is compulsory to both sender and receiver. Other online services such as Moneybookers, provide internet specific international transfers. Now, things have changed drastically and you can make an international money transfer within minutes and the money is received on the other side almost instantly. Online money transfer is the most easy and convenient way as anyone could transfer money from anywhere. But its country level process for abroad transfer online bank transfer process is very helpful.Money Gram is the safe and very fast money transfer way available today. With the passage of time, the rates charged by these money transfer companies have also drastically reduced and quality has improved by many folds which are good for customers. By this process only between ten minutes you can transfer any amount to anywhere in the world.
Gone are the days when you have to wait for days and in some cases even for weeks to receive money. Most of the services listed below will offer online accounts so you can easily manage your account whenever you need to.
Money Gram work  their process from network agents, who are available in all over the world with reputed service providers like western union, American express etc.By simple steps you can transfer money anywhere in the world.
Online services are particularly useful if you are doing lots of payments a month by helping you automate payments and there is a high level of online security to keep your money safe. Whether you are looking for a one off transfer or you want to set up regular transfers the companies listed below can help. Whatever your transfer needs, the services offered by the above companies are convenient, easy to use and can be completely free.
In most cases, your money can be picked up by the party on the other side within minutes, without the need of a bank account. For this purpose, an account number and a routing number is required for the transit recipient.
The type of transfer can vary greatly between providers so take this into consideration and compare different services. You need to check a routing number based on some digit code, which is the identity of the bank or its branch location that properly provide address of sender.
Different transfer methods usually include online, over the phone, fax, bank to bank, through a branch or with a cheque. This method takes 2-4 days but it is a highly secure and some banks could charge for their services. The receiver can collect the money from a suitable agent location in the home country by providing valid identification documents, just minutes after the sender has made the transfer. For example, online transfer companies usually offer the most competitive rates and can offer instant transfer.
When choosing a service the right one will be the one that best suits you and your recipients needs.
REMEMBER: If you are sending money abroad, you should consider using a Foreign Exchange Specialist to get the best exchange rates.

In the cash-to-card mode of money transfer, receiver can redirect a cash pick-up transaction onto a card via a call center.
These companies specialise in foreign currency and will get you a superior exchange rate than traditional banks and International Money Transfer Operators. It is better to send money online that keeps it on a secured transaction but also a simplified procedure which could be done from any place to anywhere in the world. This online money transfer keeps money secure as you have the proof to claim for your money on any unsatisfactory condition from nearby branches.
As currency exchange is the main focus for foreign exchange brokers they can get customers a rate that is as close to the interbank rate as possible. You will also be assigned a dedicated broker who will personally work with you to achieve your goals and offer support and advice whenever you need. Western Union Money Transfer service builds on the experience of meeting people’s money transfer needs for over 145 years. Their service allows quick money transfer with cash payout in minutes at over 400,000 locations worldwide. Key customer benefits include complete transparency of fees and FX rates as well as a cash payout network in 200 countries and territories. Money Transfer services The services listed above offer safe and instant money transfer services. You can process transactions online from the comfort of your own home and send anywhere in the world. Whether you are looking to pay friendly or family abroad, set up one off or regular transfers the services offered by the above companies are convenient, easy to use and can be completely free. Get the most competitive exchange rates When compared to banks the rates offered by money transfer companies will be far more competitive and much closer to the interbank rate. Banks will also apply a significant margin to their rates and there may be other fees involved which can make the transfer expensive especially if you are making multiple transfers.
You will work directly with currency specialists who are leaders in working with currency exchange. You can be sure you are receiving a tailor made and personalised service that is designed to suit your transfer needs and rely on support and guidance whenever you need. The services above use the most secure, reliable methods so you can be confident that your money will arrive where you need it, when you need it.
Protect yourself against Foreign Exchange fluctuations A great advantage of using a money transfer service is that you are reducing the amount of risk that you face as a result of foreign exchange fluctuations. Most companies offer online accounts so you can easily manage your account whenever you need to. Money transfer services are quick, easy, you can avoid the banks and be sure you are getting a tailor made service designed to suit your individual requirements. You need to make sure you find the right service that suits both you and your recipient because the right money transfer service will depend on your individual transfer needs. For example, where you want transfer money to, what transfer method you want, how much you are looking to transfer and how long you want the transfer to take will all affect which is the best service for you.

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