Quantum mind power is an innovative method of harnessing the mind's potential and exploring and expanding one’s consciousness. Quantum cognition is a field of science which has been growing and evolving over the decades. The Morry Method Radio PodcastsTMM Research Study - An Experimental Intervention for Reducing Math Anxiety and Fostering Positive Social Change by Dr.
The show is all about you, and how you can literally use the power of your mind to live the life of your dreams, truly be happy and so much more. I'll be dealing with relevant and varied topics each week to help you to empower yourself by gaining a new understanding of your reality and by doing so positively influence it regardless of what might be happening around you!
If you want to listen at your leisure by streaming or downloading a podcast of the show then please feel free to click here. I’m continuing our exploration on quantum physics and how, when understand the power we have to exceed our human potential; we will become empowered in our life. A first question confronting a classically biased mind-brain researcher is this: How can two things so differently described and conceived as substantive matter and conscious thoughts interact in any rationally controlled and scientifically acceptable way. Therefore the usual tack has been to abandon or modify the classical conception of mind while clinging tenaciously to the “scientifically established” classical idea of matter, even in the face of knowledge that the classical idea of matter is now known by scientists to be profoundly and fundamentally mistaken, and mistaken not only on the microscopic scale, but on the scale of meters and kilometers as well (Tittel, 1998). Experiments show that our experiences of instruments cannot possibly be just the passive witnessing of macroscopic physical realities that exist and behave in the way that the ideas of classical physical theory say that macroscopic physical realities ought to exist and behave.
Scientists and philosophers intent on clinging to familiar classical concepts normally argue at this point that whereas long-range quantum effects can be exhibited under rigorous conditions of isolation and control, all quantum effects will be wiped out in warm wet brains on a very small scale, and hence classical concepts will be completely adequate to deal with the question of the relationship between our conscious thoughts and the large-scale brain activities with which they are almost certainly associated. The emergence of classical-type relationships arises from interactions between a system and its environment. Then one has a clear separation of the world into its pertinent parts: the unobservable atomic subsystem, the observable features of the instrument, and unobserved features of the environment, including unobserved micro-features of the instrument.
But the central issue in the present context is precisely the character of the brain states that are associated with conscious experiences. In short, the practical utility of classical concepts in certain special situations arises from the very special forms of the empirical questions that are to be asked in those situations. The issue here is not whether distinct objects that we observe via our senses can be treated as classical objects. Particular laws well known in classical physics explain proccesses and relationships in the material world.

Any and all attempts to bring attitude, beliefs and the power of positive thinking into play to achieve health and wealth will be greatly enhanced by transforming your understanding of the very nature of Mind.
By capturing the power of the quantum mind, a person is able to tap into brain power in order to maximize mental power and peak mind performance. It is a field which has striven to combine the methods of physics with the discoveries of psychology in order to enhance brain activity. Scientists have measured brain activity via electroencephalogram, or EEG, and found that learning actually increases the strength of EEG readings. If your life is nothing but joyful, The Morry Method™ can provide a pleasurable enhancement to take it up a notch. These interactions induce correlations between this system and its environment that make certain typical quantum interference effects difficult to observe in practice, and that allow certain practical computations to be simplified by substituting a classical system for a quantum one.
The usual argument for the approximate pragmatic validity of a classical conceptualization of a system is based on assumptions about the nature of the question that is put to nature. It is not known a priori whether or how a self-observing quantum system separates into these various parts.
Consequently, one must revert to the basic physical principles in this case where the special conditions of separation fail, and the nature of the questions put to nature can therefore be quite different. It automatically incorporates all decoherence effects, and the partial “classicalization” effects that they engender. New conceptions of Mind derived from Consciousness Studies force reconsideration of much that we do to help ourselves when the going gets rough. Quantum mind power allows for the enhancement of memory, accelerates learning, improves concentration and focus, and even increases creative ideas and creative ability. Because consciousness cannot be explained by classical mechanics, scientists have turned to different fields, such as theoretical physics, philosophy, and psychology to explain the holistic aspects of a person’s consciousness. Scientists have proven via experimentation that different areas of the brain literally light up while viewing an object. This method of learning takes advantage of knowledge passed beneath an individual’s consciousness. So, by stimulating the brain with visualization, auditory affirmations, and subliminal learning, it becomes possible to re-map the brain and harness the quantum power of the mind. In particular, if the subsystem of interest is a brain then interactions between its parts produce a gigantic jumble of partially interfering classical-type states: no single approximately classical reality emerges.

The assumption in the usual case is that this question will be about something like the position of a visible object. These features are essentially just the overall position and orientation of a visible object. It is not clear, a priori, that a self-observing brain can be separated into components analogous to observer, observee, and environment. Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, studies of the human brain have shown that subliminal stimuli activate specific regions of the brain, or cause them to light up, despite a lack of conscious awareness. Through the use of these methods, new pathways can be created within the brain which will enhance intelligence, speed of thought, creativity, and through all of that - personal success. However, when subjects were asked to close their eyes and visualize the object recently observed, the same areas of the brain became alive. Once a network is established through routine use, they begin to be triggered automatically in everyday life. Using subliminal learning to improve brain activity, especially related to behavior and intelligence. The same neural nets become active in the brain, proving that visualization enhances brain activity. With routine use, the chemical pathway becomes reinforced, strengthening it, making it easier and more likely to conduct the same message again. This program utilizes conscious and subconscious methods to expand consciousness and maximize mental power.
The Mind System of each and everyone of use is affected by yes, biology and genetics, but also everything that ever happens to us. Through visualization, audible affirmations, and subliminal training, this program opens the doors to untapped potentials by eliminating self-imposed barriers, enhancing learning, sharpening mental focus, promoting creativity, and speeding the quality and quantity of comprehension and analytical thinking.

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