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Anal Stage Anal Retentive Personality Type - If child develops patterns of “holding back” and refusing to “perform” for Mommy and Daddy, the may develop the “Anal Retentive Personality Type. Phallic Stage Phallic Personality Type (male) - Strive to be successful, and attempt to at all times to assert their masculinity and virility. Psychoanalysis and Freud Sigmund Freud (born May 6 1856 – 23 September 1939) was an Austrian neurologist who became known as the founding father of psychoanalysis. Personality An individual’s unique and relatively consistent patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. An individual’s characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting PERSONALITY: WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? TTTT hhhh eeee oooo rrrr iiii eeee ssss o o o o ffff P P P P eeee rrrr ssss oooo nnnn aaaa llll iiii tttt yyyy MMMM iiii cccc hhhh aaaa eeee llll J J J.
States of Consciousness The Nature of Consciousness Defining Consciousness Consciousness and the Brain Levels of Awareness Sleep and Dreams Biological Rhythms and Sleep Why Do We Need Sleep? Sleep and Disease Increased Occurrence During Sleep – stroke – asthma attacks Sleeplessness – obesity – heart disease Fighting Disease – cells produce cytokines (powerfully sleep-inducing) Mental Disorders (freq. Have to convince others that they are “real men” Phallic Personality Type (female) - Results in flirtatiousness, seductiveness, and promiscuity, although the individual may appear naive and innocent in relationships. This “type” has learned to work, postpone gratification, share with others in a warm and caring way, and above all, assume a more active role in dealing with life’s problem.
Sigmund Freud Theory of Personality Development ? Believed personality develops through a series of childhood stages ? If the.

Higher Level Consciousness controlled processes – the most alert states of human consciousness, during which individuals actively focus their efforts toward a goal – require selective attention – involves prefrontal cortex (usually) – Example: Focusing on learning something new. Lower-Level Consciousness automatic processes – states of consciousness that require little attention and do not interfere with other ongoing activities – Example: typing, texting, driving home, etc.
Subconscious Awareness waking subconscious awareness – incubation – subconscious processing that leads to a solution to a problem after a break from conscious though about the problem thinking about or doing something else ? solution magically appears in mind! This person lacks a the ability to make fine distinctions or to tolerate confusion and ambiguity.
If there were severe, traumatic experiences in early childhood, with fixations at particular stages, adequate adjustments during the “genital stage” will be difficult, if not impossible. Unconscious - according to psychoanalytic belief, the psychological part of us that contains childhood conflicts we are unaware of but that continue to control our behavior. Anal Expulsive Personality Type - A second possible outcome to parental strictness about toilet training. Oedipus Complex - male desire to marry his mother and have jealous, hostile feelings toward his father Electra Complex - female desire to marry her father and have jealous, hostile feelings toward her mother. Freud believed that the core of one’s personality appeared within the first five or six years of life and was more or less fixed by that age 3. Reflected in adults who are argumentative, pessimistic, “bitingly” sarcastic, and often cynical about everything around them.
Freud claimed that all later forms of self-control and mastery have their origin in the anal stage d. Traits include: destructiveness, disorderliness, impulsiveness, and even sadistically cruel.

Although the ways in which they are expressed may have a changed, their content is left over from the first 5 years of life. Individual development had its source in the family and the conflicts that every family has. Persons of this character type also tend to exploit and dominate others as long as their own needs exist. Freud identified two general patterns used by parents in toilet training: Rigid, demanding parents - “Go Potty NOW!!!” OR Encouraging, praising, more “permissive” e.
With respect to adult love relationships, this type views others as objects to be possessed. Our feelings about ourselves come from anxieties, jealousies, and guilt regarding how we relate to other family member and how they view us. This provides the child with a set of values, morals, attitudes, and gender-related behaviors. Freud believed that once our repressed conflicts surface and we face them, whatever physical or psychological symptoms we have will eventually disappear.
Ego - the “self” that allows controlled id expression within the boundaries of the superego.

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