November 1, 2012 by Wendy 19 Comments It’s no secret that people who choose to be more positive are happier and attract more into their life. But how can you be more positive when negative thoughts swirl in and out of your mind all day?
The only reason I attended this workshop was because a friend suggested it. I was separating from my husband of 15 years and stuck waist-deep in a miserable situation.
It was only 20 minutes away and I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I needed a miracle, not a workshop, but I signed up anyway.
What I do remember is that the moment he wrote the word “CHOICES” on the chalk board, my ears perked up and my body snapped to attention. Being more positive has changed my life so tremendously that I feel both compelled and blessed to share this with as many people as possible. Fast forward 10 years and I teach people just like you to discover how to direct your thoughts to be more positive and attract more in your life. Don’t you find it interesting too, that when we are more positive about one thing, that other things also are more upbeat, affirming, reassuring? I purchased it and this afternoon we brought it to the frame store to get a new mat and possibly new frame. While looking at the 45 different colors of white matts, Michael looked more closely at the print. Learn step-by-step the proven tools Wendy's clients use to achieve personal and business success in her bestselling book, Powerful Thinking on Purpose. Powerful Thinking on PurposeIt's been three years since our coaching sessions and I wanted to let you know that I use a lot of what you taught me to this day.
Wayne, PAPowerful Thinking on Purpose"I highly recommend reading Wendy's book "Powerful Thinking on Purpose". I just love your add on of the five powerful words and I used them on an issue at work and got the support I wanted.
Master Career Consultant and Life Options Retirement CoachPowerful Thinking on PurposeIn an effective and straightforward way, Wendy Merron shares simple steps that you can use immediately to take control of your thoughts and change your life. You may have read other books on "positive thinking" but in Powerful Thinking on Purpose you'll learn how to overcome worries and doubts and help your mind 100% “buy into” getting what you want. Author of Reconstructing Eve and Authentic Living AdvocatePowerful Thinking on PurposeWith Wendy Merron's easy to follow blueprint, I was able to create positive thoughts right away and notice a great difference in my attitude and actions toward my goals.
Hospitality design elements were tactile, bold and greatly influenced by the back-to-nature movement. In alignment with the 70s, HD Expo 2016 was a potpourri of different styles, reminiscent of a time of exploration and experimentation. Sarah Pelham found hospitality products with a crafted feel, exemplifying the basics of skilled craftsmanship.
In regard to textiles, I saw a range of styles including a variety of abstract felt cut-out shapes forming a pattern, handmade woven chunky wools and tactile fabrics with raised textured yarns, all supporting the desire for design to have a personal touch. HD Expo 2016 showcased handmade woven chunky wools, abstract felt cut-out shapes forming a pattern and tactile fabrics with raised textured yarns. Parallel to the 70s, the movement towards combining a wide mix of materials is on the rise. Experiment with unexpected elements that appear handmade, adding personality to a hospitality space.
This team of business lenders moved to a new space in a new building, marking a fresh start for the company.
Spearheaded by Lead Designer, Kristin Kostrzewski, the corporate design of the new 22,433 square foot space was the perfect tabula rasa—a space that could be designed from scratch to accommodate the team of 190 members with room for a mix of professional, executive, recreation, and collaborative areas. Our efforts focused on representing not only the company’s professionalism and work ethic, but also their culture and personality. The design trend of hackable furniture from Milan two years ago is ever present in the workplace – everything is in the user’s control now and at the touch of a button no less. BuzziSpace launched some playful office products including a topsy turvy balancing surface that keeps your body agile while taking those lengthy conference calls. I’m still excited about monochromatic color palettes that showcase varied textures, patterns and materials all mixed together in simple coordinating color palettes. Take a swing over to our Pinterest page for continued visual inspiration and we’ll see you in Chicago – same time, next year. Our latest infographic looks at a color more and more designers are using to add exuberance and elegance to their interior projects. With a delicate, warm palette, Lilac Grey explores the warm shades of purple, providing a fresh, light mood that is perfect for summer months.

We're setting the pace for development of quality modular carpet tile using materials and processes that take less from the environment. It looks like you are browsing with javascript disabled or on a devise that has no javascript support.
Maharishi Institute offers access to the finest business development via distance education and local accredited and registered partners, in the continent’s economic hub, the place where business starts. While the rate of return on FDI is higher in Africa than anywhere else in the world (2009 African Economic Outlook), Joburg is enjoying a substantial percentage of all investment. South Africa is one of the world’s largest emerging economies and offers not only access to a population of 49,3-million internally, but also to the 1-billion people of Africa. Either they are born positive or their parents passed down positive thinking skills. The rest of us have to find our way to positive thinking through trial and error or stumble on someone who can teach us. In the past when something didn’t go well I would hold on to that thought and worry for hours, even days. At a craft show I bought a beautiful oriental print of birds and bamboo for our living room. I always look on the bright side of any situation and it doesn’t even occur to me to look for the negative. It is only when we intentional focus on our thoughts on positive things that our lives changes for the better. Every morning and afternoon I've been saying “I like the idea that I can get control of these migraines”. It is the perfect accompaniment for those providing healing practices as well as their clients to gain a fresh perspective in viewing life from a more positive, creative point of view.
I have studied a lot about Law of Attraction and Neurolinguistic Programming, and have used affirmations before and taught others to do so.
As an author who likewise champions positive thinking, I eagerly delved into the book and was wowed by Wendy’s approach. I found a mixture of colors, patterns, and textures, making it hard to zero in on one overall hospitality design trend.
Hand woven items using natural dyes and fibers were prevalent, as well as textiles with a regional influence in the form of sheepskins and pelts. Different pieces in different finishes, moving further away from the traditional idea of “matching” items to furnish a space. The company’s original headquarters was the quintessence of corporate design—traditional, muted, and safe—but that space didn’t represent the changing company culture or allow for team growth. Rapid Advance became the first tenant of the first LEED Platinum building in Bethesda, Maryland. We broke down the walls of traditional corporate design by creating a workspace that is open and uplifting.
Our partnership with Interface designers ensured that the flooring would stand the test of time and complement the space’s personality.
This year (like all years) they delivered, but most notable was the teaser of leathers and hides that will be launching later this year. Lift and lower workstations give every individual the opportunity to work at their own level (literally). Think movable walls that also have acoustic features, seating than can be stacked in a variety of functions and tables (with handles!!) that are light enough to lift and move around. Not only are we launching the World Woven™ Collection, we’re also beginning the next chapter of our sustainability journey.
The second day of the workshop found me gazing out the window and half listening to the facilitator. From my experience there are two steps to the aim of reaching a positive and happiness me – a) as you pointed out very well, the fact that there ARE choices, and b) that one has to get out of their comfort zone sometimes and make the choice one is not that comfortable with. Great for those new to this work, as well as for those who just need a gentle reminder."Gary Wietecha, MD, CHPowerful Thinking on PurposePowerful Thinking on Purpose is unique and simple. Your book brought up a good point: that if you don't believe the affirmation it has limited impact.
Everyone who wants positive change in their life should read this book.Maria Lynn Fanelli, Director of Workplace Programs, U of P Health SystemPowerful Thinking on PurposeI just wanted to say that HONESTLY I LOVED YOUR BOOK. Global cultural influences for hospitality design, such as ethnic tribal embroidery, embellished baroque and lace flocked wallcoverings, were additional examples of the modern day crafted products on the HD catwalk.
They needed a space that reflected the vibrancy of their culture and allowed for current and future expansion.
We installed work surfaces with low cube walls, which opened the space and allowed for more natural light.

By using saturated colors in open areas and subtle colors in private spaces and offices, we were able to incorporate subtle bursts of color without overwhelming the design. It was such a stark contrast to the softball-playing, whiskey-drinking, karaoke-singing, high energy of the Rapid Advance team. Every company puts out their latest and greatest for all to see and the months of preparation lead to an exciting three days of what feels like endless cocktail parties, tired feet and most importantly great design (not bad, huh?).
Soft suedes in the most yummy colors you could imagine were scattered amongst woven patterns practically begging you touch every piece of material hanging in their showroom.
Privacy barriers that double as hidden storage and cozy nooks that can expand into collaborative areas.
If it wasn’t for the fear of scuffing my brand new Campers, I would have shimmied my way to the top in a heart beat. If you aren’t in a good place it will help you get clear about yourself so you can move forward. Otherwise there is no personal grow as we would always go the easy way, not realizing that the easy way is not always the one leading you to positive and happy land.
However, the biggest life-changing moment most recently that I can think of was when I crossed that finish line in my marathon this year.
After I finished the book I started using the techniques and I immediately noticed a drastic difference in how I feel.
Because Wendy skillfully took a complex topic and broke it down into an easily digestible format. When I began to use one of the tools in your book I felt a "shift" or should I call it: THE TRUTH.
In recent years, mid-century modern inspired design has been the ruling influence, but this year the vibe is turning to the 1970s. Wall finishes brought tons of dimension, texture and vibrant color to an otherwise flat surface in the form of large graphic patterns like damask, modern abstract organics and geometrics. It’s time to start experimenting with unexpected elements that appear handmade, adding personality to a space and getting away from the look of mass production. We designed areas specifically for recreation and breaks to establish an equal balance in the new office space.
It was exciting to create an environment that reflects their thriving culture and attracts great talent,” said Melissa Price, CEO of dPOP. Of course there are some notable standouts; mandarin, tomato, tangerine and everything in between still raves on and the soft pastel upholstery mixed with walnut and teak are ever present in the continued obsession with mid-Century modern. In our high-tech digital lives, people are yearning to see craftsmanship, whether it is in hand woven textiles, hand forged metals or carved wood pieces.
The layout incorporated a “Whiskey Room” for entertaining clients and celebrating successful deals complete with flooring taken from actual whiskey barrels, a Ping-Pong table, and Foosball. This was always something I believed for other people, but had a more difficult time believing for me. Honestly I think this could compare to Don't Sweat the Small Stuff book by Richard Carlson (if not better).
Design elements were tactile, bold and greatly influenced by the back-to-nature movement, which was globally fueled by the world’s changing political and social climate. A resurgent interest in reclaimed woods, laser cut detailing, chiseled and hammered finishes were abundant. Inspiration coming from Rockwell’s innovative scenic designs for Broadway theater not only inspired the collection but also landed him a Tony Award less than two weeks earlier. In the world today, there’s an appreciation of everyday materials that are unpretentious but explicit. People are redefining spaces by including products that “speak” to them and removing the rest of the clutter.
Artisan goods will continue to make waves, so opt for unique, individually crafted statement pieces.
We would have learned what the wise have always known, that we are creative every moment in how we choose to think and that our life, like a mirror, reflects what we create.

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