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If you do not honor, respect and love yourself, but want to send the energy of love or mental message to someone, keep in mind that you are sending what is within you, and therefore the result may be a very negative effect.
Klaus Joehle advises you in the preparatory phase to be relaxed and concentrated on communicating with the higher self – with your soul, and deep relaxation is the only way to soothe both your inner voices and dialogues.
Diamond -  Imagine that you have a big diamond-shaped pocket on your chest charged with the love energy.
The warmth of love - Again, imagine in your mind the person you want to send the love energy or a mental message. Whether you choose any of points above, always persevere in that state as long as you feel that your mental message and love energy was sent, and use your physical body (hugging, touching) or words (gratitude, praise, compliment) when visualizing.
This method has a completely different purpose. You cannot manipulate the emotions of others or force someone specific to love you, but you can give them what you want to receive in return.
The purpose ofa vision board is to be a visual representation of what you are creating in your life. One of my favorite authors, Sue Monk Kidd, even used one when writing my favorite novel of all time, The Secret Life of Bees. It is best to dedicate an entire board to one area of your life – if you need ideas, look at the Wheel of Wellbeing as all of its spokes are an important part of your holistic life.
You will need something physical to make the board out of – most people use poster board that you can pick up at any craft store but anything will work including wood, plastic, or even a shoebox. You will also need scissors, tape and glue and I recommend having a trash bag near you so you can easily collect all the clippings.
Next, spend a few moments journaling about related concepts that need to be addressed in your vision. Next, you need to find images and words to put on the board to exemplify your vision and feelings. Some people like to flip through magazines and tear out anything that really appeals to them. Whether you pasted along the way, or waited until you had everything and put it together, you should end up with a board that makes you happy! In addition to your personal vision boards, consider bringing together a group of friends to create a group vision board.

Beautiful and meaningful positive affirmations from Everyday Affirmations to inspire you every day. If you want to pour water into the second glass from the first one, first you have to fill the first glass with water.
Later, you can reach a state of relaxation easily and quickly, wherever you are. Inside the bus on a seat, in the waiting room or anywhere else.
Grasp the diamond in your hands and give it, along with your mental message, to the person standing in front of you. Research has shown that if you can see an outcome clearly, you are much more likely to achieve it. They have worked 100% of the time in my life – I used vision boards (in combination with intention and prayer) to manifest my dream home, my perfect soul mate, an amazing experience of giving birth to my daughter, and the successful launch of Soul School. In her subsequent book, Traveling with Pomegranates, she details her journey of writing the novel and explained how she used her vision board to guide the story.
It is fine to have more than one board – don’t worry about creating too many visions as the universe is an abundant place. You don’t ever have to show your board to anyone and it will be most powerful if you do not edit it for the sake of others.
And if you are digitally gifted, you can do this all on a computer using a photo or drawing software package. For example, if you are working on romantic relationships, you might consider the qualities of the person, activities you would do together, how you would treat each other, how this relationship would make you feel, etcetera.
The more detail and richness you can bring to the feelings, the more you will activate the Law of Attraction.
You can use magazines, photos, and even your computer to create a collection of compelling images and words. They trust that they will know what to put on the board, eventually so “let go” and let and open up to whatever images come to them. She had cut out images that really moved her, like a pink house, and a Black Madonna, but she didn’t know why. I usually have a clear sense of what I want to manifest so I am deliberately hunting for specific images and words. It is very satisfying to see our dreams so clearly so allow yourself the opportunity to really take in what you want to achieve.

Our collective energy put toward a single vision is exponentially more powerful at activating the Law of Attraction.
I do not want you to feel divine just for this moment, and just after the completion of this process, your mood will return to the same track. In addition, many spiritual practices believe that if you look at your vision and bring up the emotions and feelings associated with having already achieved it, especially gratitude, then you activate the universal Law of Attraction and can essentially call that vision into your life. I tend to save them for “big” things but I have many friends who use them for everything and are regularly working on their boards. Others have specific details in their minds so look for particular images and words that will bring that idea into visual form. As the novel unfolded, the images on her board started to find themselves into the narrative without her even being conscious about it. If you want to keep it private, put it on the inside of your closet door or some other place that is easy for you to access.
For example, if you have a friend who has cancer, a group vision board for her or his health would be extremely powerful.
This glow now flows from the chest to all the organs in your body, starting from head to toe. You can either paste them on your board as you find them, or collect several first and then paste.
And sometimes, when she was stuck, to would deliberately spend time looking at the board to see if it held some clue. I do allow myself to be inspired, though, and every board ends up with some pictures that just spoke to me as I was flipping through magazines.
Make sure you spend time looking at it regularly and this keeps the energy of the vision fresh and strengthens the Law of Attraction. Group vision boards create a sense of community and shared purpose that can be quite a positive experience for everyone involved. Once it is complete, take a picture so that everyone can look at their own copy and continue to put their attention on the vision on a daily basis.

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