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A scientist uses acoustic tribology to convey the sensation of what your tongue feels into sound.
When it comes to the science of taste, describing the mouthfeel of a drink or snack isn't enough. LED string lights are mechanically robust and therefore, it is not something that will only last only for one party. Indoor lights can be good fun too and with a little creativity just the right atmosphere can be created. LED string lights can be used to adorn the walls or be used to frame a centerpiece in the room.
According to Edible Geography, researchers first discovered a taste receptor specifically tuned to fat only last year.
Wrapping lights around tree trunks works well as does highlighting various features in the garden using up lighters and spot lights.
Alternatively they can be strung through the branches of indoor plants, wrapped around the banisters or used to frame the doorways.

They are easy to work with, easy to install, and adaptable to a wide variety of applications.
A popular method of creating fun party lights is to use fairy lights in the branches of a tree. However you choose to display them, string lights provide a great party atmosphere and are inexpensive and simple to assemble too.
Van Aken has come up with an alternative that isn't susceptible to the descriptive power of human taste testers. But they have a drawback: they are not very bright due to the older “bulb” style of LEDs used in their construction. This string lights up the tree and produces a starry canopy under which you can place your tables or even a dance floor. Make sure the main lights in the house are off during the party, leaving on just one or two lamps where appropriate.
They come in so many different colors, shapes and devices that they are easily moldable to any creative idea you want to employ. Often people choose to leave their lights up in the garden after the party as they can’t bear to take them down!

Depending on the scale of your party and budget, you can install a full LED screen behind the disc jockey and place your dance floor in the front. Also think about where people will be hanging out and chatting as this will need some lighting.
Notice the difference?Food studies rely on a combination of human testers and machine tests using synthetic tongues (or pig tongues) and a fatty substance to provide qualitative and quantitative data. This way everybody will dance through the night in the security of home, but with the feel of a club. If Van Aken's acoustic tribology works out, it could possibly replace those machine tests, or at least make the human tests a whole lot more reliable. Once we figure out exactly how we experience the sensation of fat, we can better recreate it, opening the door to weirder, tastier engineered food experiences.

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