Each time a negative thought Sraght relief and fled his mind was the feeling of love in the heart and show changes enough to Bman this case it can be felt throughout your body Do. But, of course, the science gets to his feet and tries to explain every possible scientific and practical ways various miracles, and again tying the inexhaustible truth to the realm of reason, logic and criticism. American parapsychologists still long enough, after the 50s, was raised one sign, in my opinion, the experience that has been kept secret for a long time. The meaning of the experience lies in the deep hypnosis: the candidate was placed on the couch and entered into a deep hypnotic sleep, pre-puncture the vein auxiliary mixture. In addition, it seems to me, this experience also explains the wonders of prayers, which greatly affect the believers. Mind over matter… Are we really capable of moving objects just by willing such to move? You have a fundamental right to free speech and we continue to support that right even when opposed. Feel free to submit issues that concern you and give your point of view on any of the issues we publish in the comments section. Unexplained cases of disturbing scientific consciousness everywhere, beating out the usual logic of the study.

The second phase of the respiratory suggestion touched: the patient said that he is in a very smoky room. It is no secret that in the stories were even a lot of facts when prayer healed the man’s body, freeing it from the spiritual wounds. Some will tell you that most of the world, ever-moving universe, biological sources, others – from God. Continuing with this practice, in a short time in every field of life are asked Micronesia clay.
One of the obvious and typical, in my opinion, the examples of the other world is the uncontrolled irrational mind. Parapsychologists, making sure that the patient has reached the peak of hypnosis began to instill a guinea dynamics of different external circumstances. Be that as it may, the prayer can also be called a kind of self-hypnosis, self-hypnosis, which is the ultimate goal – the spiritual union with the original source, that is, God. But two of the answer, I believe, do not reveal the secrets of spiritual phenomena mankind.
And of course, the prisoners chosen according to the assurances of doctors, painless experiment.

In particular, the prisoner was given into the hand of a normal metal object, and said that he was red hot and burns his hand. Thus, it was found that the internal latent brain activity affects the external body, change it. And surprisingly, the body is consistent with this suggestion, in reality: in front of the patient’s arm scientists gradually covered with minor burns no external factors! In other words, the power of suggestion materializes fruit unconscious to the outside world. This conclusion suggests the inexhaustible power of the human subconscious, which has the potential to completely control the internal-external existence in the physical world.
After all, one way or another, now declassified experience showed significantly person of the consequences of suggestible fiction.

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