A repeated thread emphasized by the Board throughout this conference was the need to arm ourselves with factual information about the critical role of developmental education. I have a better understanding of the minds of autistic individuals and am better equipped to support students who have autistic characteristics. The “great minds of the world” estimated the most likely causes that might lead to the end of the world. According to their calculations, killer robots and cyber-attacks that will cause chaos in communications are the greatest enemies of mankind. The distinguished scientists of the University of Cambridge, among them Stephen Hawking, launched a study to identify what threatens the modern man. Mind Mapping is a technique to outline an idea by graphically interconnecting its constituent components. You can employ mind mapping as a team-building exercise by invite the members of the group to comment on the core concept and then draw branches going out in different directions form that core to other related concepts. Studies have shown that students who use mind maps retain information 10% better than their peers who don’t use mind mapping. Some companies use a specific form of mind map called “SWOT map” to analyze the competition. Writers use mind mapping to flesh out their characters and multiple plot lines and see how the characters would interact on different “plot branches” of the main story. Copyright © 2016 Technical Communication Center - All Rights Reserved - 10421 Motor City Dr.
I'm a ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor and everything I will share with you here will remain connected somehow to Tony Buzan's world. I'm very proud to announce my first eBook "A practical mind map tester" in collaboration with Hans Buskes.
Before you can get the book which will be launched first on Apple IBookStore very soon, enjoy this creative mind maps about the book. Our vision is to bring more value in the domain by seeking for simplicity, usefulness, uniqueness and quality in mind maps that are produced and shared. You will notice that the mind map above is made with iMindMap 7, using the new creative branch feature.
Note also that one-third of the proceeds of this e-book will be donated to the non-profit organization 'Dessine-moi une idee', whose mission is to increase the efficiency and autonomy of people, especially children, giving them more opportunities to succeed in learning and coping with unusual situations.
Using colors in mind maps is maybe useful but for some of you, it may have an opposite effect or simply, there is less interest.
In everyday life, you will encounter several occasions that require the creation of a wish list, with gifts for you or another beneficiary.
Once the main branches were created, it became easy to place the items on the map and also quite natural to create sub-branches when appropriate. Beyond considerations of the children, there is additional information to collect and communicate to the different persons who will make a gift. Using a digital support, you will benefit from features that are not possible with the traditional approach. Another interesting task is to define preferences, especially when the amount of gifts is important. The case I detailed here above is quite representative of the effectiveness of mind mapping for managing a wish list. Wedding, birth or baptism: Shops usually offer services to manage wish lists, from the creation to the consultation, including money collection and frequent updates. Birthday: Very similarly to the Saint-Nicolas or Santa Claus case, the beneficiary can organize the wish list with a mind map. I want my article to be as much practical as possible because I truly believe it's the best way to invite you to test the mind mapping technique and discover by yourself the benefits. Very recently, the teacher gave to the kids a dozen words to remember and to spell correctly. The keynote speakers were excellent, and there were a number of concurrent sessions that centered on integrated reading and writing, which was my primary focus this time. The most interesting was “Integrating Reading & Writing” by Jodi Holschuh from Texas State U. Our ability to defend out field is especially important now because developmental education programs are threated in many states as ineffective and too expensive by legislators and other policy makers who misunderstand the purpose of dev.
Consuelo Kickbusch’s speech reminded me to see through the “Attitude” and toughness that some students bring to class to uncover their desire to learn.
Scientists from these universities studied extreme weather, pandemics that spread rapidly and the possibility of wars that could break out due to overcrowding, which would result in a lack of food and renewable energy sources. Our dependence on technology makes the human species particularly vulnerable,” warn the scientists. It’s a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about knowledge, awareness and self-improvement. But you can use the mind map itself for the presentation as well since it provides an excellent overall map of the “conceptual landscape,” so to speak.
It’s an indispensable tool for brainstorming new ideas and working out connections or contradictions that otherwise are not that apparent at the outset. It's of course about mind maps but more specially about an easy to use instrument to evaluate how useful they are.

Thanks to my peer Hand Buskes (MasterMindMaps) who pushed me in the adventure and the Biggerplate Event at Utrecht where we decided to make it happen, I'm going to publish a first book worldwide. Mind maps have become a fantastic mean of communication but like any new medium, it suffers from a lack of maturity.
The new book 'A practical mind map tester' introduces a value scan, an easy to use instrument to evaluate how useful a mind map is. Our objective is really to connect mind mappers and invite them to evaluate how helpful their mind maps are for users. Therefore, I will cross the northern border of Belgium and I will visit my friends in The Netherlands on Wednesday, October 9, 2013.
Beyond information structure, a mind map is also a fantastic vehicle for emotions and social exchange Belgium is a small country in Europe but it has been extraordinary present all around the world during the month of June 2013, thanks to its champions in various sports.
Indeed, during this generative thinking activity, the brain is stimulated to produce more thoughts.
Indeed, although children think you will send the letter to the North Pole, we all know that you will have to distribute it to the different members of the family (grand-parents, godmother, uncle …).
Exchange efficiently the information between those who have already made their choice with those who still have to decide is not an easy task.
Using a typical rating with stars, you can ask the children to define what they want to receive first.
Why not create a mind map with all the ideas and discuss about the alternatives according to the personality of the beneficiary. If you want to think about what you need or would like to receive, you can create a mind map before going to the shop. If necessary, parents or friends can contribute and influence the content in order to match some of their expectations. I picked a couple of interesting subjects that kids brought to me from school and we reworked them using mind maps. The test consisted in writing the right word in a definition that contained a blank placeholder. We put a dictionary picture as a central idea and we created a main branch for each new word. Soccer is his passion and he reached a level that requires a lot of investment in time and energy.
Keynote speaker Temple Grandin provided visible insights into the minds of autistic individuals. Hundreds of books already exist on the subject and it is very easy to find the answer on the Internet. We can rule (or not) the way the diagram must be drawn, it's not enough to ensure that the output will have a good quality and will be useful for the user.
It checks whether a mind map in question, whatever the type, is useful and helpful for its consumer.
Our message is clear, we want to invite ALL mind mappers to grow and participate to the future of mind mapping, whatever mind map type they create or mind mapping software they use.
If you are an actor in the domain or just interested by the topic, it’s the place to be.
Discover in this article the list of most popular hashtags, their classification in an interactive mind map and a free tool to explore them If you are active on Twitter or if you plan to be soon, you may find helpful to have a look at the most popular hashtags you could insert in your messages.
This article will show you how to make your mind map branches unique even in black and white It is not uncommon to meet people who say they do not like or use colors in documents. Therefore, I proposed to my sons to move away from the traditional panel and create a mind map instead.
I asked the kids to look at the different tickets they had cut and to group them in clusters that made sense for them. When looking at the structure and the items already in place, new ideas came to their mind; new wishes, very interesting and valuable ones were added, giving more choices and flexibility to the gift maker. Those people will be happy to know where they can buy easily the item, what it looks like and how much it costs approximately. You can also communicate what are you own preferences as parents, knowing the educational or practical value of the gift (single versus multi-players, creative, powered by battery …) or maybe its redundancy with existing ones. The mind map will be a nice support for collaborating and finally selecting a couple of options according to the budget you collected. Although Baptiste did the exercise in the classroom and wrote the definitions down several times, he was still badly associating some of the words and therefore more study was required.
It’s simply because he was considering each definition as an indivisible block that he did not fully understand. Then, I asked Baptiste to read again each definition and extract up to 3 words that were key in the sentence. She is living proof of the contributions autistic people can make if they are encouraged to develop according to the particular way their minds work and are respected for them. She is particularly interested in topics regarding introversion, consciousness and subconscious, perception, human mind's potential, as well as the nature of reality and the universe. Moreover, learning how to draw mind maps is not a question of days, not even hours, it can be taught in a few minutes.
Following the results, further work can be done to strengthen the mind map making it more valuable to the user.

That's also the reason why we invited some actors in the domain to express their point of view throughout the book. We will meet there to listen to expert speakers, join roundtable discussions, and grasp the opportunity to turn online connections into real world collaboration. However, considered isolated, each performance and its related news is just welcome but it is not as impressive as if you would put all of them together.
No later than last week, a teacher called me for help because one of her students prefers to draw mind maps only in black. At first sight, they found it a bit useless because they thought everything was just a gift or toy.
You can also find on the web a nice picture as well as other details that might be interesting to add on your map.
New technologies allow you now to upload it in the cloud and just send a link to latest version. All you have to do is to mark each gift with the name of the person who will offer it, using an additional sub-branch. If you start early enough, the support will be ideal to generate ideas and make a selection. Not big ones, not expensive ones but presents that will mean something for you or will make you laugh; the kind of presents that will make you happy. It was too difficult for him to memorize and associate so many new things without understanding properly the meaning. Without noticing, Baptiste was performing an important task of mind mapping which consists in identifying and selecting keywords for branches.
This session was mostly theoretical and contained little practical application, but it did provide background that was helpful to me as a professor. How to prevent readers to be frustrated by consuming incorrect, incomplete, unreadable or incomprehensible content? The difficulty comes with the fact that a lot of them are shared with the world hoping it will help.
Another possibility is to use the tester during the process of mind mapping, and proactively improve the mind map as you work on it. I want to particularly thank Reinhard Zinburg, Adam Sicinski, Toni Krasnic, Philippe Boukobza, Barry Mapp, Liam Hughes and Susanne Edwards for their contributions. But with a deeper analysis, they finally identified main types such as board game, books or clothes and main domains such has sport, WII or electronics.
For those who are interested, the resource file is available for download on Biggerplate, the mind map library.
Looking at the big picture, you can easily monitor what is already booked and what is still available. If you want to present your wishes in a creative way, you can also publish your mind map (on a website dedicated to the event for example). The participants learned some of the mind map rules and they created their first personal map. Indeed the definitions were long sentences and contained other complex words and grammar which were not serving the initial purpose. But he was also eliminating all the complexity that the grammar and the language have introduced in the definition. Consuelo Kickbusch’s presentation was a moving and inspiring reminder of the power one teacher or administrator has to encourage a rebellious, underprepared, or underprivileged person to imagine a different life and to pursue college. However, I was somewhat disappointed in the other sessions in that I found very little was new to me. They were originally created by Twitter users and have become a so powerful and natural way to participate in global conversations that even Facebook rolled-out the system. But adults also love Christmas presents, this evening during which we can exchange small and original presents to each other in front of the illuminated tree.
Using smart devices, they will be able to access the wish list on-line, check out the picture in order to make the right choice or decide to take another present if they cannot find what they were looking for. It will be an original manner for your family and friends to discover your desires and a different way to invite them to make gifts. The result was a straightforward mind map with very few terms to memorize and explicit associations between single and simple words.
Let me now show you a couple of interesting educational subjects we picked in their respective curriculum, how we reworked them with the mind mapping technique and what are the benefits for the children. Knowing the rules, Baptiste also proposed to look for images on the internet that could illustrate each definition.
Finally, I checked the level of learning by removing all the words and images from the main branches and I asked Baptiste to guess what was written on each main branch only by looking at the keywords that remained on the sub-branches.

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