A look back at the defining stories that grabbed our attention this year and made us look more closely at the world around us.
What made people curious: As the cost of college education skyrockets, people are very much concerned with the actual value a college education brings in return and how it correlates to success in the job market.
What made people curious: After the attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo early in the year, Paris became a new catalyst for the discussion on the advance of extremism throughout the world. What made people curious: The gamification of sports fandom officially entered the mainstream in 2015.

What made people curious: Not the Apple Watch, not the launch of Windows 10, but the Ashley Madison hack was the top tech story that had people hooked. On November 13, 2015 a series of suicide bombings and mass shootings in Paris and the neighboring suburb of Saint-Denis left 130 people dead and dozens more wounded. Fantasy Duel to Bracketology during March Madness, sports fans have increasingly gone from idle spectators to active participants in the vast economy of the sports world.
As the world threw its heartfelt support behind France, it also anxiously awaited more details on how its leaders would respond.

In the process, they have become avatars for the 21st century consumer who is empowered to participate in – not just consume– media.

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