Being Brilliant means we as moms, and dads do what we may not have ever thought of doing— Moms teach your kids how to be more than just average. My husband does this also, as a way to get dinner on the table faster; he enlists the help of the kids.
I also used a Be Brilliant Method when my kids were younger; I enlisted their help in cleaning to get them to stop arguing with friends, or stop boredom.
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When I wasn’t rushing through dinner to get my kids to their meetings after dinner, I asked the kids to help create dinner.
When my daughter had her best friend over numerous times, the pair would become bored while they were playing.
When you make a meal, take an ordinary pasta meal and put lemon in it, add zest, add some carrot slices or broccoli and make a new meal. They followed me around the house as I washed dishes, took a basket of laundry upstairs, etc.

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