Being Brilliant means we as moms, and dads do what we may not have ever thought of doing— Moms teach your kids how to be more than just average.
My husband does this also, as a way to get dinner on the table faster; he enlists the help of the kids. I also used a Be Brilliant Method when my kids were younger; I enlisted their help in cleaning to get them to stop arguing with friends, or stop boredom.
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Rain of summer, snow of winter, grace of autumn, glory of spring, May beauty of every season give ur heart a beautiful reason 2 smile. Don’t be afraid of pressure,remember that PRESSURE IS what turns lumps of COAL into DIAMOND. Care for the one who shares with u, share with the one who knows u, know the one who MISSES u, MISS the one who WELL WISHES for u, Wish u all the Best. Put ur trust on God nd rely on his help 4 u dont sorce 4 help when u have a source of help. Write from the heart, eg: When you encounter a problem in your new job, dont look at it as a problem look at it as a need to know. When I wasn’t rushing through dinner to get my kids to their meetings after dinner, I asked the kids to help create dinner.

When my daughter had her best friend over numerous times, the pair would become bored while they were playing. Whenever u get a chance to choose, do it wisely & see that u never lose what u choose WISHING U BEST F EVERY THING IN UR LIEE. When you make a meal, take an ordinary pasta meal and put lemon in it, add zest, add some carrot slices or broccoli and make a new meal. It’s a new month and a New Year and the time when a lot of us will set resolutions for the year ahead.
They followed me around the house as I washed dishes, took a basket of laundry upstairs, etc. My New Year’s resolution this year is to look for the positive or humorous in tough situations. To err on the lighter side, to look for laughter when my instinct or inclination might be to complain or gripe. To bring a dose of much-needed levity to my life and the lives of others, whenever possible (and appropriate).While thinking about the topic of New Years and new resolutions, I remembered a fun fact I learned last year while in Rome.
But as we know, September is the ninth, October is the tenth, November is the eleventh month, and December is the twelfth.
Why is that?It’s because Caesar Augustus, in all his humility, decided he wanted months named after himself and his godfather, Julius Caesar.

This slid the rest of the calendar year down two monthly slots, pushing September from seventh to ninth, October from eighth to tenth, and so on, you get the idea. The god you confront when turning corners — leaving one phase behind and embarking on a new adventure. Perfect for the start to the new year, right?So, in honor of Janus and his namesake month, I wish you a safe, happy, and healthy time turning this corner from one year into the next.
In mid-nineteenth-century Vienna, the halls of the Hofburg Palace buzz not only with imperial waltzes and champagne but also with temptations, rivals, and cutthroat intrigue. The story of Peggy Shippen, the wife of General Benedict Arnold, and how she hatches the plot to deliver West Point to the British.
Her debut novel, The Traitor's Wife, came out in 2014 and her second novel, The Accidental Empress, came out in February 2015.

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