Mind Talk Programs are one hour in length offering double the impact with both audible AND subliminal affirmations with music.
Mind Power Programs contain two 23-minute guided sessions that gently relax you into a brain-wave state that provides unique access to your subconscious mind. The Subliminal Series utilizes a selection of environmental sounds and music selections an hour in length with up to 5,000 positive messages recorded at a subliminal level. Double Program Sets contain more than two hours of programming with 3 or more guided visualizations to help you succeed to the heights of your visions.
This program combines the most advanced breakthroughs in audio technology for personal achievement! Track 1 & 2 contain two 23-minute Guided Visualizations that gently relax you into a pleasant state.
The Mind Power program has a powerful combination of sound effects, and mind-synch techniques to access your subconscious with positive programming—and because you are in a state of peak receptivity this new programming enters the deepest levels of your consciousness for the most compelling and lasting transformations. The guided visualization sessions utilize a revolutionary technology based on the holographic model of the brain. In addition, there is also a 30-minute Mind Talk program that utilizes multiple subconscious trigger techniques to positively conform all your inner beliefs and attitudes so you can manifest your highest dreams and desires. Mind Talk is your own inner self-talk that impacts your subconscious mind and determines almost everything about your life.
In order to make lasting improvements in your life, you must make changes at the subconscious level. The male and female voiced messages on this program have been specially processed to deliver a high saturation of up to 2,000 clear messages per hour. I am playing "Flatten the Stomach" both mind talk and subliminal all day and night, and my clothes are continuing to feel loser a quantum leap at a time. Since I bought the melt abdominal fat, Mp-3 program 3  or 4 weeks ago I lost 8 pounds of lard! One of the most effective ways is to interact with recordings of someone who already knows the language saying the same phrases and words over and over until you "own" the new phrases.

These messages bypass mental resistance and directly reprogram your mind with the thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes you want.
The second part of these programs contains an hour of positive affirmations with both male and female voices, beautiful music and thousands of subliminal messages.
Next, you experience a form of mental imagery like those being used so extensively by Olympic athletes, doctors, business leaders, educators and others to help improve life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Your first session gently leads you into a pleasant and peaceful state that provides unique access to all levels of your subconscious mind. While you are consciously being powerfully motivated to success with audible affirmations, your subconscious mind will be storing the same life-changing subliminal affirmations embedded in the soothing background sounds and beautiful music.
You will receive double the impact with ultra-positive audible messages, PLUS your subconscious will be storing the same subliminal affirmations. This program is designed to do just that by imprinting the positive messages directly on your subconscious, with no interference or filtering from your conscious mind. The strong, clear messages were recorded just slightly below the stream using our custom-designed computer processor, insuring the strongest saturation of subliminal messages. Never before have I lost this much  in such a short period of time in my 64 years of living. Play these programs in the background anytime throughout the day or use them while relaxing, meditating, or even while falling asleep. The second session utilizes a unique transformational combination of sound effects, competing metaphors and positive affirmations. This subliminal program also takes advantage of the brain's receptivity to both emotional and logical messages to activate both brain hemispheres-this assures complete absorption for the changes and improvement you want.
This extraordinary combination activates your subconscious to automatically start creating your outward reality to match your inner success patterns.
What your subconscious mind deeply believes you will achieve, and visualization is the most effective and powerful way to reach your subconscious and activate its creative powers.
You can use these Mind Talk sessions while you are working, reading, exercising, relaxing or even while you are falling asleep.

The subliminal messages bypass any conscious or subconscious mental resistance you might have, and work directly to reprogram your mind with the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes you want. Each message is embedded in the environmental sounds so precisely that you don't consciously hear it, yet it is well within the range of normal hearing to strongly register on the brain.
I placed my lap-top  computer next to my bed side and play the 30 minute mind-talk program while sleeping! In addition, there is a 30-minute program that motivates you to success with audible plus subliminal affirmations embedded in soothing background sounds and music. Play this program softly in the background any time day or night, because the more you listen the greater the effect.
Your second 23-minute inner journey “meditates you!”  You are effortlessly escorted into a unique audio matrix filled with a proprietary combination of sound effects and competing metaphors which have been engineered to deliver a powerful inner experience automatically. It's also very useful to record your own voice so you can hear yourself using the new words and sentences.You can use exactly the same principle with the Power Affirmations recordings to condition your mind to think and speak success. All you do is relax, adjust your headphones, and let the guided session entrain your mind with its powerful mind-rescripting directives.
Jonathan, I am going to keep playing that program till all the lard is gone and save the program as a back-up if needed  again in the future and thank you for your best weight loss program ever. There's over 203 individual MP3s in the "classic" Power Affirmations collection and 285 MP3s in "The Science of Getting Rich" Power Affirmations collection. Of course, if English is your native language, learning these affirmations is a lot easier than learning a new language.

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