Spring is the perfect time for a fresh perspective, a renewed dedication to our goals and to reignite the spark to keep us going. Sign up below to grab my weekly inspiration, recipes, exercises and exclusive tips to discover a WHOLE new you. Positive thinking and positive affirmations will not, and cannot, overcome your true subconscious beliefs about something – that is why so many become frustrated with, or even disenchanted by, the law of attraction.
This secret is actually modeled after the incredibly precise blueprints provided us by quantum physics for how our material world is manifest. Yet if you’re desiring the biggest breakthroughs in the shortest time frame, it can be absolutely essential.
Fill out the contact form below to inquire about taking your manifestations to levels you’ve previously only dreamed of. I am going the the Emotional Reference Chart with my desires for financial abundance for the second time. This time through I have looked no further than my current emotional perspective for some of the most off-the-hook insights and growth. Yet here is one of the things I’ve learned so far: the full manifestation of my desire will be nothing more than the reflection my desire-aligned beliefs. And, thus, there is also no reason to ever wonder, worry, or fret about how your ultimate desires are being reflected back to you, via your aligned beliefs. The story you tell, if you make such a commitment, will be, in my experience, always completely believable.
Of course, for different people (which I am reminded of each time through the ERC while playing Grow a Greater You), “complete honesty” will differ. If you simply follow the rules of telling the best-feeling, believable story you will eventually teach yourself everything you need to learn and know to grow into believing you are worthy of your desire. And once that pain is cured, once our beliefs about being worthy of experiencing that “thing” are aligned with how we always wanted to experience “it”, “it” will be reflected back to us by the quantum field as surely as you’ll see your face in your rearview mirror on your drive to work tomorrow.
Learn one of the Law of Attraction's greatest untold secrets in this brief, yet powerful, book.
Learn what cutting-edge science has to say about the Law of Attraction through this powerful, easy-to-read, book. Sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime and read my books (and thousands of others) for free. At this point we get into hierarchy of beliefs, a concept I seem to remember being typical of Robert Dilts.

To finish off, I usually also set up role-playing where I play the role of the one with the original belief and let the client convince me of the lacks in that particular conviction. And thus, you have yourself a way to work with limiting beliefs that has actually been proven to work, even with skeptical individuals who don’t go along with any ass-backward programming you offer them. Beautiful and meaningful positive affirmations from Everyday Affirmations to inspire you every day. This time through I am writing everything down with an eye toward publishing this journey and it is proving to be an epic one. It will occur as readily as you see your smiling face looking back each time you glance in a mirror.
The top of the ERC isn’t where all the lessons, spiritual unfolding, and growth happen; the top of the ERC is where the reflection of your beliefs, aligned as a result of all the lessons, spiritual unfolding and growth that you experienced today (and yesterday and tomorrow – if it arrives as expected). Thus, whatever reflection your current beliefs about your worthiness of experiencing your desire are creating is exactly what you are experiencing right now. My name is Wendy and I and many of my friends are getting incredible results with your books. This is both a methodology and and an art, and is rather crappily documented in NLP, NAC and other forms of self-development.
Usually you will be presented with a rather extensive amount of information as the client describes the problem, and you will be called upon to see the different topics and their essences, as well as what belongs together as opposed to representing separate issues. Athis point, one has to open up the spaces inside the client where the belief isn’t necessarily true. You see, when you get into a core belief at the top of the hierarchy, it’s usually something central to the identity of the client. Print it, pin it, post it, save it as your screen saver… whatever it takes to keep it on your mind this week. I am wondering if the power of my work would give greater results if I dig into my poor beliefs by following your chart again in order to increase the scale to reach my desire, or it could be that the problem is that I don’t desire powerfully enough (do to contrary conditioning) to brake through my and clear my belief system. You see, you do not, literally, manifest the people, places, and things necessary for you to experience your desire.
Let me ask you this, then: have you ever had to expend any effort casting, and have you ever had any reason to doubt you’d cast, your reflection?
Today, however, I am blessed with new level of willingness, energy, and insight to direct toward complete honesty as a “wormhole-level” of revelations which continually shatter my illusions and limiting beliefs like a brick going through glass. I’ve been an Abraham follower for many years, yet the way you set up the emotional ladder and the daily way to move through is an amazingly powerful tool to transform the big stuff.

Quite frankly, moving your internal representation of what you believe in doesn’t really change diddely. For whatever conviction you have inside, there are also inner spaces where they don’t hold up. Like if the person sees himself as a fighter, a person who stands up for the few against the many, a unique individual apart from everyone else etc, this probably comes from a series of experiences that on one side were difficult, but also lead to him being such a person today. Do you worry, before walking into your bathroom, whether or not you’re going to see yourself in the mirror? Whatever “level” of honesty you’re capable of, don’t ever measure it, however, against anyone else – you’re right where you’re supposed to be.
A very basic concept is the flexing and opening up of the possibility that the belief is not universally correct. Having done so, you ask the client to imagine seeing himself from the outside as if the person experiencing this was someone else, and elicit what belief this person must have to assume that the situation is proof of the original belief. So there is another belief further up the hierarchy, a prerequisite for the new belief to stick instead of concluding in the same way as the friends. A discussion has to ensue where the client both consciously and subconsciously understands the value of also not being a fighter.
You turn the people, places, and things you encounter into the people, places, and things necessary for you to experience your desire by aligning your beliefs with it. So as long as you maintain a strict adherence to complete honesty about how you feel in each moment, there is no way you can avoid telling yourself the best-feeling (or “real”) and believable (or “honest”) story possible. Thus, being honest about the feelings were are experiencing as we experience the reflection of our beliefs about being worthy of that desire, is the only way to grow our beliefs into worthiness. I am about to let go of my old job in consulting with nonprofits and grantmakers in getting results from their dollars and efforts, and move into helping others use the quantum field to create meaningful change in their own lives and in the lives of others. I would love to collaborate with you at some point down the road as I get my own thoughts and practice together. You can usually see the client touch upon some key emotion with all the body language, tonality etc that goes with it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart in reminding me that the value I create is for me and everyone in my life!

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