Affirmations help you stay focused on your dream goal and counteract any negative self-talk that can come up when you are faced with doing something you haven’t tried before.
Dreams require that you stretch the limits of who you think you are and demand that you become more.  Affirmations can support you in that journey until your outer world reflects the dream captured in your imagination. When affirmations are done with intensity and repetition, your mind will begin to treat the statement as fact.
Remember to write down or say your dream affirmation 40 times a day for a minimum of 40 days.
Some people write their affirmation on their bathroom mirror, others on an index card so that they can keep the affirmation with them.
You can create a song out of the affirmation and sing it when driving.  You can say it every time you are stuck in traffic or at a stop sign. You could print it out in large font and tape it to your ceiling so that you say it just as you are going to sleep and when you wake up in the morning. The important thing is that you create a way to remember to confirm to your mind the positive outcome you expect to see in your dream life.
Affirmations are very powerful and are an important component to staying on track with your dream. Catherine’s dream is to make 8 Women Dream the premier online publication for women looking to pursue their dreams.

While the negative beliefs are often very common beliefs of the population and are predetermined by upbringing habits and culture, the positive beliefs allow a lot more creativity and freedom.
The result of your self-determined beliefs is that you focus your energy and your thoughts on the new way of perceiving your reality. Happiness is everywhere I choose to see it, in the wag of a dogs tail, in the laugh of a child, in the bloom of a flower. I allow my intuition to guide my actions to day with trust that I am guided toward my highest good. An affirmation is defined as something declared to be true; a positive statement or judgment. The garden of our life is developed through the planting of seeds that flow from our mouth on a daily basis. If you respond to the state of your health, wealth and love life with negative phrases you will end up with a weedy patch for a life. Here are those that I speak, and I trust that they will add great value to your life as you participate. No matter what has been suffered by my parents health wise, I am healthy, whole and terrific. I treat my body with respect by feeding it healthy food, drinking healthy fluids, and exercising it regularly.

I give at least 10% of everything I earn as my way of saying thank you for the 100% received. Subscribe to O, The Oprah Magazine for up to 72% OFF what others pay on the newsstand — that's like getting 19 FREE issues! This list is all about to replace the negative beliefs and substitute them by positive beliefs. This includes that you can develop them for yourself, with all your knowledge and experience. You want to find yourself naturally repeating the affirmation until the situation is the reality that you desire.
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Not every phrase of the table has to fit for you, a goal-oriented set of beliefs for you can, for someone else, be a negative or neutral set of beliefs. In the end, you can orient yourself on your stomach feelings, the more coherent the beliefs are for you, the more likely they’ll pass into flesh and blood.

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