BIG drawings for a campaign to promote BT and Surrey County Council’s superfast fibre broadband network.
I was asked to do one of Edge magazine’s 20 different cover spreads celebrating their 20 year anniversary.
Creepy co-incidental double theme feature here, this time a Donkey-Kong-style treatment of the global financial collapse.
This was for an article on businesses using “gamification” to increase productivity in your workforce.

Okay, everyone seems to be doing something along these lines these days, but this is where I started a little project of drawing a picture a day for 100 days. Another Lie-ins and Tigers collaboration, doing pictures which would then be animated and put in a promo video.
What turned out to be my dream job – drawing pictures of pigs getting maimed and turned into salt. Illustrations for an article about the new super-cool film adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are.

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