The Quick Survey Site to Make Money Online (2 Minutes)Many people are discouraged from completing paid online surveys to earn extra income because it usually takes longer to complete. In actual fact, majority of the online ‘work at home jobs’ requires little or no special skill.
Of course, there are numerous make money online websites out there with quite a number emerging every day, but not all of them really pay.
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Michael used whiteners on his face to match what was happening to his body because of Vitiligo. I think whichever actor resembles him the most and could do a good job at representing him should do it plain and simple. As long as they portray the King of Pop in the way he’s been remembered… It should be a good piece of propoganda! They need an actor that resembles him the most in terms of looks, mannerisms and dance moves. After all of the bleaching, medications, facial surgeries, etc., Michael Jackson did not look Black to me. Quick Rewards is one of those websites that encourages you to make money by taking surveys. It has to be said, that makes it look a bit shady to people who may not be familiar with the site. These are bold claims, and it can make one suspicious: is this legit or is it a survey scam? As long as you have a valid PayPal account in good standing, you can enter their survey routing program without any fee. According to their FAQ section, every survey can pay anything between fifty cents and one dollar upon completion.
While the Quick Rewards premise seems simple and plain, if you delve deeper and try to analyze the offerings, you will see there are plenty of reasons to be suspicious about this whole thing. When you get a new survey notification and you start working on it, aside from the common problem, “Ooops, looks like you are not qualified to take this survey”, there’s another thing that can happen.
When your enthusiasm and excitement that you might earn a few cents is so abruptly ended by such an error, who would pause, take a deep breath and hit the print screen button on the keyboard in order to obtain the evidence of their work for submission to the site? The Quick Rewards team seems well aware of this potential problem, so what’s their solution? This got me wondering – if you are supposed to receive up to 3 surveys a day, and payments can take between 24 and 72 hours, that adds up to three waiting days!
You need 3 days to notice that you weren’t paid for that previous survey, and of course there’s the question of how many other free surveys could you have taken in the meantime? I’m an optimist, however, so I thought I should let the wider world give me their opinion of Opinion Router, also known as Quick Rewards. I believe in balance however, and on the face of it there are positive aspects of the Quick Rewards platform.
Secondly, the process, as they describe it, contradicts the whole idea of making money out of surveys.

You are not required to complete a profile and describe yourself, so that the company will know who you are and whether you’re relevant to them. Thirdly, the Quick Rewards website seems to come with a lot of red tape and caveats attached. You may say that they are being cautious, that these are sensible measures for a company to take, but allied to the site jumping and simplistic layout it really put me off wanting to spend too much time to fill in their surveys. Their basic deal sounds enticing, with the promise of up to three dollars a day and quick payments. I have no intention whatsoever of telling you categorically whether to use this website or not to use it. I’ve used more than a few moneymaking, survey completing and review submitting websites online, but it has to be said that this is one of the most intriguing, and in fact disappointing, examples that I’ve faced.
Even so, as mentioned earlier, the quick pay out may well be a very attractive feature to some, and of course who wants to spend more time than they really have to registering for a website before they can use it? I wondered at first whether the difficulties I encountered with Quick Rewards were because it was new website? Contrastingly, with OnePoll survey site, you can take paid surveys within two (2) minutes and earn money. Furthermore, there are interesting articles on personal development, career growth including list of free online training providers and lots more!
To avoid frustrating moments while trying to earn extra income online, I decided to collate list of easy top at home jobs without start-up capital including useful links for free accredited online courses to facilitate your career growth. Also, kindly leave your comments and or share your ideas with us as we love to learn from others too. Once you have completed the feedback questions you will be given the opportunity to enter the survey sweepstakes to win a $1,000 Jared The Galleria of Jewelry Gift Card. Whoever is saying that its raciest for a white person to play MJ is kinda racist themselves. An the fact is majority of the time a White person will play all these roles were a bunch of makeup is out on them to resemble the person there playing them on. No matter if you’ve done this before or not, the first contact with this platform will probably make you think twice about whether you should introduce your PayPal address in there or not. And, as opposed to SendEarnings (which doesn’t look impressive on the homepage, but after a click takes you to a more detailed section), this one has absolutely nothing else to show you.
Therefore, you will probably turn, as I did, to the FAQ section where, surprise surprise, you read exactly the same things. The only charges that might apply refer to PayPal’s own rules, especially if you have a Business account or a Premier account. Plus, they claim to send you multiple surveys each day, depending on your country of origin and therefore relevance. I’m saving these explanations for later, when I reveal my personal experience with this rather puzzling survey website. It goes like this: after you have introduced your PayPal address and took the first survey, you are officially registered to their database. An error might interrupt the whole process and stop you from both finishing the review and getting the money. Or I might just shut the whole page and go and do something more interesting and less frustrating instead. As hinted at above, they require you to screenshot the error and email them a message together with that evidence within 48 hours of the error occurring. Secondly it seems that they might do it once, but if the error happens twice, then their help may be rather less forthcoming.
Here’s another outrageous situation: sometimes you might discover you are no longer being paid for the surveys that you took.
And then they once again state that they “may be able to offer a courtesy manual credit for one survey total”.
Just to draw a short conclusion on this chapter – working with Quick Rewards is incredibly easy. It didn’t look good to me from the moment I found it, with one site clicking over to another, and it actually started to look worse as I was going through its several pages and several rows of information. Usually, big brands pay big bucks to survey websites just to give them access to their huge database of subscribers and receive direct, honest and relevant feedback about their products. They inform you that you will receive many surveys every day, but you can only take a maximum of three.

It seems as if they are protecting themselves, when good survey websites know that they should put their loyal users first. Those three dollars can soon add up, but not much else about the Quick Rewards website experience seems to.
It has to be said that I found a few things that set the alarm bells ringing, but that’s far from saying that Quick Rewards, or Opinion Router, is a scam.
It is an old enough website to have an Alexa rank and yet there are still no relevant mentions about it online.
More so, it is safe and 100% FREE to make money online provided you use trusted and verified sites. Did you have expert help in choosing an engagement ring, diamond necklace or watch or find the perfect gift?
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I’ll also point out at this point that whilst you may come to this website via the name of Quick Rewards, it then forwards you to their set up known as Opinion Router.
That’s also the reason why you might find yourself wasting minutes with a survey that will eventually tell you that you are not a good fit. Have a look at any other survey website, and you’ll see they proudly shout about their millions of loyal users.
That means that they will notify you periodically about new surveys (and you should be able to unsubscribe at any time).
In any case, I don’t think I would have the inspiration to meticulously gather evidence of their faulty system, maybe that’s just me?
Under these circumstances, they claim that they “may be able to issue one courtesy manual credit”.
Especially if you aren’t clearing your browser cookies often enough (what does that even mean?), or if your browser is set to block third party or session cookies.
The only results that I got were related to some websites that scan other websites to see if they are legit or not, and that in itself doesn’t fill me with confidence. Making up to three dollars a day should be easy according to Quick Rewards, and you can then claim your money and have it with you within three days.
Big brands don’t just want to pay, they want to pay for the opinions of the users that are closest to their customer segments! They say that, sometimes, errors occur, and you should be vigilant enough to collect the proof when it happens.
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There are no other explanations, you’ve simply lost out on the chance to up your earnings. Compared to many similar websites that really is quick, but then they have a reputation and history that engenders trust.
It may be possible that preparatory questions help them obtain some clues as to who you are. She loved what I had picked out however now that she had a say in it, she was just thrilled. So how is this anonymous website operating under two names, and on which you cannot find anything relevant other than traffic reports online, pulling it through? Every reputable survey will vet you this way, and yet the website behind it will still require you to have a full profile with real information. With a free high street voucher like amazon, you can shop for clothing, electronic appliances, groceries, technology products, beauty care products etc.
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