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Blocking time on your calendar will not only help keep you on task, but will also signify to other employees that you are focused on a project. Utilizing these tips and passing them along to your team members can, over time, save you hours in the day (ie: money). Encourage team members to send an itemized list of things to discuss in every meeting so that time can be used wisely.
During the work day, it can be extremely distracting to see them popping up and can even feel overwhelming.
If your team is able to use time more efficiently, you are open to take on more work, more clients and make your existing services richer.
Below the list of team members belonging to the project is a space to allow you to add team members without having to assign a task and a below that, the ability to copy a team from some other projects to the current project.

Check out our new series to learn the best processes for finding efficiencies across your business. If you receive a meeting request without an agenda (or one with a meager one), try suggesting another form of internal communication or discussing the topic at lunch.
For example, if, when beginning a new project, you see that it took you 2 hours to complete, you can try to find efficiencies to cut down on that time. You can also encourage fellow teammates to utilize the priority flag if the email needs immediate attention.
Because this skill can make the difference between being highly effective and just mediocre. If you know that each Wednesday morning you have to review a weekly report, then put that at the top of the list. The reality is that improving time management skills throughout your company can improve your bottom line.

Get it done first-thing in the morning so you’re not shuffling through slides and data at 3pm. Finding more time in the work day can essentially mean faster project turnaround and more completed projects, which means happier clients and more time to devote to finding potential clients. Also, if you lack Internet self-control, you can use tools to block your most time-wasting sites (like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube). When team members can maximize their time in the office, the ripples can be felt in every aspect of your business.

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