This is just away for me to earn some extra cash while my parents are a little strapped by selling things that I don't want or clothes that don't fit.
Here are a couple of weight loss charts that are influenced by my years as a Quality Engineer. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
When there is a problem in a manufacturing environment, the first thing to do is to track the problem. It is very important to try and weigh yourself every day so that you remind yourself that you are on a diet.

This is the time you record whether or not you stuck to the diet that day and whether or not you exercised that specific day.
Just check off in the appropriate column and day what specifically applies to your situation that day. You can then see for yourself what progress you are making or what changes need to take place to meet your yearly goals.Notice that there is a place to record your % fat. This is not necessary and indeed most scales are not very accurate yet, but this is an important thing to check every now and then. If you go above the red line try to write down on the chart why you think you went above the line.

1-2 pounds is a reasonable amount of weight to loss per week but you will have to decide what is reasonable and sustainable and what is not.

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