Johannesburg, Wednesday, 28 January 2015 – Multiple-Award Winning South African artist, AKA, is unable to perform at tonight’s Industry Nite event in Nigeria due to unforeseen delays with the issuance of his Nigerian VISA. AKA has a huge fan base in West Africa and was looking forward to spending his 27th birthday in Nigeria with his fans, celebrities, media and artists.
AKA’s record label and management company, Vth Season, have consulted with the event organisers and both have agreed to have AKA back to perform at the earliest convenient date for both parties. The Industry Nite performance in Lagos was to form part of AKA’s first leg of his West African tour.
The Pokemon invasion has done more than creating a generation of card game obsessed children, but sparked a whole new generation of anime fans.

For pokemon creatures I would like to play a pokemon trainer fiend and rival of Ashes an episode where Ash, Dawn, and Brock get captured by a pokemon hunter, I rescue them with my pokemon stunky, chimchar, and murkrow .
It is with a heavy heart that he apologizes that he cannot make the event tonight and this weekend in Accra.
Through the last 10 years of Pokemon’s raged popularity, the newest Pokemon creatures for the Pearl and Diamond version of the hit game were announced.
Also they should create a new nintendo ds game called pokemon evolution where you would be able to pick the type of trainer you would like to be, such as a pokemon hunter, or just a regular type of trainer. They should include building up your pokemon with armor, and boxing gloves.Last when linking see eachother playing, and team battles in the game, with different graphics.

Gotta eat ’em all!), the process of collecting them all is bound to frustrate many of new third graders.

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