Kendall Jenner Dissing Harry Styles, Jealous Of Kylie Jenner For Having Friends And Stealing Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez? Despite her accomplishments, Joanna Jedrzejczyk understands none of it would be possible if it weren’t for Ronda Rousey. It is actually nice to hear someone in UFC, or in the MMA community in general, stand up for Ronda Rousey. Jose Aldo’s statement is understandable since he is seeing the pros of full-time acting far more appealing than the cons (not having to make weight, not getting hurt in the cage, a lot higher pay). Ronda Rousey will have her chance at avenging her loss sometime in mid-2016 when her rematch against Holly Holm happens. As the dust settles, one thing becomes clear: More people hated the Walking Dead season finale than adored it. It gets worse for The Walking Dead, as Deadline reports that the finale ratings were down about 10 percent from last year. He is promising that if fans tune into the Walking Dead Season 7 premiere in October, the wait will be well worth it.
Whatever fans do feel in October, it’s hard to argue it will be nearly as intense as what could have been felt on Sunday.
Through his words, Scott Gimple also unwittingly put himself in the position of failing to live up to the hype. One commenter responded to the Hollywood Reporter interview by stating, “The cliffhanger decision was a poor one. Another commenter was even more indignant about the Walking Dead showrunner’s explanation. All in all, it suggests that the Walking Dead writers are going to have to step up their game with Season 7 in a way that they haven’t done in quite some time.
Thanks to a poorly received Season 6 finale, so many things now ride on the Season 7 premiere. During the interview conducted by Andreas Hale, Jedrzejczyk discussed her thumb injury and rehab, Paige VanZant, Rose Namajunas, and winning multiple titles. What Rousey has done for MMA, including popularizing the sport, can never be taken away from her. Bloody Elbow reported on the scores of fans who criticized Rousey on social media and questioned her future in MMA. The MMA community in general automatically believing Rousey’s future in MMA is in jeopardy over one loss is not. Instead, she is being humanized, taken off that high pedestal of immortality almost everyone had her on.

The fight is expected to happen at UFC 200 (which will most likely be known as UFC 200: Holm vs.
The problem for Gimple is that Season 6 ended with the comic book moment that many Walking Dead fans had been anticipating for years now. It was completely unnecessary and an obvious move to get people to come back for season seven, which they would have done already.
If that premiere fails to impress, The Walking Dead could be headed for a ratings disaster. Along the way, she defeated some well-known fighters in her division, including an amazing show of dominance against Jessica Penne and Carla Esparza, the latter earning her the UFC women’s strawweight championship. Eventually, Jedrzejczyk would be questioned about Ronda Rousey and her devastating loss at the hands of Holly Holm.
As a matter of fact, Joanna Jedrzejczyk may be one of the only three prominent figures in MMA (those who’s opinions on the situation matter) who is actually standing alongside Rousey. Jose Aldo, another former champion in UFC, even went as far as to say that Rousey should quit UFC and MMA altogether and pursue a full-time career in acting.
It could be explained by the fact that The Walking Dead faced direct competition from the 51st Academy of County Music Awards on CBS. The unfortunate reality is that regardless of which character the Walking Dead writers ultimately decide to bump off, the chance for a genuinely shocking and standout moment has already passed. For seasons, people have waited for this one moment, and when it came, the show runners held their hand.
Instead of analyzing or criticizing Rousey, Jedrzejczyk talked about what the former UFC bantamweight champion has done for MMA. That is why she was passed over on domestic abuse allegations as well as getting away with saying that she can beat anyone in MMA. As for Joanna Jedrzejczyk, her championship reign is in trouble, as Cláudia Gadelha is said to be next in line to fight her.
Jedrzejczyk is now asking MMA fans to not forget what Rousey has done to popularize the sport. The other, believe it or not, is the new UFC women’s bantamweight champion, Holly Holm.

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