Seven Thirty Three had such a cute idea, we had to do it.  And I think it turned out so great!  And it was a giant hit! I’ve heard this tip a lot but I’m always pretty nervous to wait til six weeks before a trip to buy my ticket!
There are a few naturally heart shaped foods, but most heart shapes, where food is concerned, are man (or woman) made.  Freehand or using gadgets, just about anything can become heart-shaped.
Heart-shaped candies are, of course, ubiquitous for this particular "holiday." They are available everywhere from the local pharmacy or gas station mini-mart to the high end retailers.
Many manufacturers create limited edition heart-shaped versions of their usual non-heart-shaped offerings. Some food manufacturers you wouldn't otherwise think of create heart-shaped products for the day.
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Your toilet will flush just fine with less water, but you’ll conserve a lot and save money on your bill every month!
From naturally heart shaped foods, to commercially available products to -- best of all -- homemade goodies, Valentine’s Day is about showing your heart. With a little creativity, you could eat heart shaped foods all day long on Valentine's Day. Many consider strawberries an aphrodisiac, so it's no wonder chocolate dipped strawberries are on many a Valentine's Day menu.
Everyone wants in on the action in Valentine's Day, and heart-shaped candies at every checkout counter is an easy way to do it. That means if your sweetie's favorite candy is a particular chocolate covered peanut butter cup, you both are in luck. Not only are they easy to make but they are healthier than store bought candy, with no added E numbers or hidden sugars AND you can add additional vitamins to these snacks.

Add several slices of strawberries to almost any dessert recipes to make it Valentines-special. Why wouldn’t you want to save a little cash on things that won’t affect your lifestyle? A plate of sliced strawberries and figs with a light drizzle of good honey and some chevre….mmmmmm. Right?  And what do you give the little 8 year old girl who has everything?  Seriously, everything!  Why, cash, of course!

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