Job training is the training of employees for various duties they will be required to perform or will possibly encounter during their time working in a job position. Typical job training occurs at lower or middle level positions, such as retail, secretarial or clerk positions; however, job training will also occur at the higher levels in some form or another, though it may not be as straightforward and direct as job training for a lower level position.
There are several different types of job training which are commonly used in workplaces around the world today.
On the job training is any training which occurs during a typical workday and is meant to train an employee for their position by showing them what will be expected of them when they fully assume their new position.
Both on the job training and off the job training are often used to train a single employee, depending on what tasks they must be taught or how long they have been training for a position. Job training is an essential aspect of any position because job training is what teaches employees to perform their duties and to perform their duties well. All information on this web site is © copyright 1999-2016 Michael Carroll of the NLP Academy.
In this post we’ll outline a strategy for making sure your NLP training experience is the best possible. Disclaimer: I am an NLP trainer and I do consider the iNLP Center online programs to be among the best NLP training in the world. From a trainer’s perspective, what makes the best NLP training is integration of skills. Summary: Know the end result you are seeking and judge the training based upon how well it helps you get there. One of the qualities of any good teacher is the ability to take difficult or complex material and make it easy to understand.
Some confusion is unavoidable, as this particular skill set deals in subconscious phenomena.
How can you know if a particular NLP trainer is actually making NLP simple enough to learn well? When you’re taking an NLP classroom training, you get to work with other students to practice your skills.
Your new NLP skills must find their way into practice if they are EVER going to be of practical value to you. In other words, in addition to learning a given tool, you should also receive exercises that help you apply it in real life situations.
Summary: The 4 factors that make the best NLP training are 1) simplicity of the learning material 2) the availability to get honest feedback along the way 3) a well-designed training that drip feeds the learning material in a way that you can assimilate and 4) the creation of a trail to your daily life. 2.) What happens if you come for the program and then you think that it has not benefited you in any ways?
Well, we are the only company in India who offer a 100% Money back guarantee if you decide that this program is not for you by the first half of the first day.. In the first place, we understand the needs of the participants to serve them better, which will show us the clear path to guide them. 4.) What and how long is the support you are going to get after the training is highly important. Your are going to get FREE life long support from our company if you do any of our NLP Practitioner programs which we run across different cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin, Trivandrum, Bangalore and Pune. Now, please pick you phone and dial 08891894588 and let us know about your dreams, goals and challenges so that we can support you in journey towards excellence! Howard and Katerina Rose of Inspire Development are a great team – between them they offer a unique and comprehensive package which they are able to tailor to your exact requirements. Your enthusiasm, passion and interaction kept the team completely motivated and committed throughout the ITC. I would like to personally thank you all for your efforts in producing a first class design and delivery of this programme. I know whatever our requirements are, Inspire Development will tailor make a training course specific to our needs and deliver a programme that the delegates become thoroughly absorbed in. You immersed yourself fully into the programme and the sessions that you facilitated were excellent.
I have never witnessed a training session that was delivered in such a way that the delegates left challenged, enthused and motivated to make a change in such a way as Inspire Development does I cannot speak highly enough of the service provided. Throughout 2006 I led a large-scale development programme for one of the UK's largest blue-chip organisations, and I needed a team of highly skilled facilitators to deliver the programme. I know that the team have already given their feedback, but I thought I would write you a note rather than leave a message. Thank you both for coming up with a training solution that was so relevant and inspirational.
NLP, through its origins of modelling excellence in others, provides ways of helping anyone become more competent at what they do. If people do not have, within themselves, the knowledge or resources to achieve what they want, NLP makes it possible for them to adapt other people's skills and ways of thinking and incorporating them within their own lives in order to be more successful. NLP has a focus on performance and outcomes which will benefit an individual, a team or an organisation to achieve more. All the fortune 500 CEO’s, top management and other people who want to increase their skills, attend the NLP practitioner training as one of the first personal development courses they do.
You will be one of only 12 people allowed on the course to ensure you get the maximum benefit.

Whether it is being a business coach, life coach, or a wellness coach … most NLP Practitioners seek to become a coach. As an NLP (Master) Practitioner you have an expertise that not many people have, especially if you truly mastered your NLP craft. Many people end up advancing their skill set in hypnosis and meditation, to become a true expert in unconscious mind work. Personally I think that becoming a teacher of yoga, pilates, and personal training is more than a 2-week course (in fact this takes years of training!) But a good start to one day being able to become a teacher in any of those fields is by acquiring certification and experience in one of these areas. It always strikes me as bizarre when people decide to become an NLP Trainer, without any application experience in the field, or mastery of their skills.
Many NLP Master Practitioners find their way in the field of counseling and therapy, often combining their skill sets with other fields of expertise they have. In providing NLP Training around the world, I have literally had people from all walks of life come in to improve upon their skill set for their profession. Training is more broadly defined as acquiring knowledge, related skills and acceptable competence for certain positions or duties which may or may not be related to a work vocation. For example, the job training for a new CEO will be vastly different than the job training for a new waitress at a local diner. As it was mentioned above, the training for different positions will vary wildly depending on the company and the specific positions. Employees who are being trained may be expected to perform these duties under the eye of current employees and supervisors, or they may expected only to watch, absorb information and be able to learn from the visual experience. Off the job training includes any type of instruction, education or other types of training which do not require the employee in training to physically watch or perform their expected duties in real time. An employee who does not have sufficient knowledge about what is expected of them will not able to perform their job without noticeable stumbling blocks which may require constant corrections or attention from employees or superiors.
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When I taught in classrooms, I always suggested that my students give honest feedback to each other.
Secondly, if the vast body of skills that is NLP could be taught in 2-3 days, you wouldn’t be able to assimilate it into your life very well. Your mission is to go out into the world and use your new skills to communicate, observe or behave in a particular way.
By the time you get to know these 24 people, you will be already in the final day of your NLP practitioner program.
We totally respect their decision because if your heart is not there for a particular thing, then you must have the liberty to come out of it without losing your money..Just think about this – Would you pay for any food that doesn’t suit your taste buds?
See the feeling of our previous course participants to know a little more about our nlp training in delhi.
Thank you for putting together a programme which stretched the delegates, but was also fun.
The delegates really appreciated your naturally enthusiastic style and listened intently to what you had to say. Enables people to have more control of their thoughts, feelings and actions, more effective in their approach to life and better able to achieve results. NLP encompasses a wide variety of processes and techniques, and has an overriding emphasis and approach - that of curiosity, exploration and action. Check out the website and have a look at some of the ways your life will be changed by attending this life changing course. So you finished your NLP Training and now you feel you have the choice to either become a coach or a trainer?
I would actually say, that with a lot of passion, hard work, and business skills, this is by far the easiest to accomplish, shy of incorporating your NLP training into your current job.
They are available for hire as paid keynote speakers in large conventions, or they show up as the motivator behind a corporate event. It is especially successful when paired with having written a book, or when you have some other piece of credibility you can offer.
Whether it is about a way to change your life, to sell better, lose weight, etc., these students were all able to create very successful coaching or consultancy practices as a result of writing their book.
They may or may not market themselves as hypnotists first, as the name “NLP” is often times not something looked for when a client is seeking a hypnotist. They blend wonderfully together with NLP, and can be applied simultaneously, especially where it comes to the language based work.
It should be a process of years and daily application before someone becomes an NLP trainer. Job training is considered to be an essential part of any position in any company, regardless of the status of that position. The new CEO may be briefed on their expected duties in a professional manner, such as a letterhead or meeting; a waitress will often be told what is expected of them in a more physical way, such as requiring the waitress to shadow an existing employee or requiring them to watch an informational video.
Some employees may never receive stereotypical job training, which involves lectures and shadowing; others may find that they receive job training periodically as a part of keeping them updated on the duties expected of them as an employee.

On the job training is most common for vocational positions, or positions which are task oriented rather than mental or knowledge oriented. Common types of off the job training include instructional videos, instructional websites, instructional pamphlets as well as direct verbal off the job training from fellow employees or educators specifically designed to provide training to employees in an off the job setting. On the job training provides the employee with the education necessary to gain the skills they need to perform their duties during a workday. You may reproduce and disseminate any of our copyrighted information for personal use only providing the original source is clearly identified.
How do you take this sprawling body of work and turn it into something simple and easy to learn? In a classroom setting, it’s common to practice a skill and then pretend it got great results.
This self-sabotage protocol was modeled from the earliest developers of modern psychology.  After all, modeling is the heart of NLP.
About the Author Latest PostsAbout Mike BundrantMike Bundrant is a retired psychotherapist, Master NLP trainer, and practicing life coach.
So we make sure that we take only a maximum of 16 participants per batch to give you individual attention and also the opportunity for you to really study the subjective experiences of the trainer and your fellow participants. Inspire Development continues to be my first choice when looking for an imaginative and reliable solution to training and development needs from individuals to whole company training.
The team were clearly energised when I arrived showing their enthusiasm for the theory and techniques incorporated into the AL session. For this, it especially helps if you have a certain type of expertise (or acquire one first), or have a special life story to share. One student of mine divides her time between hosting a radio show, writing books, and coaching.
It is your choice to literally use the term “NLP” in your marketing, or to simply go with tools that you have, such as the ability to review marketing campaigns, or the way the teachers of a local elementary school teach dyslexic children, or conflict management. I initially got my feet wet after the first NLP Practitioner course I took in college, by being a “soft skills trainer.” I would teach pieces of NLP, personality typing, public speaking and coaching. There are three main types of job training which are considered to be the most widely used types of job training today.
Common examples of vocational positions include medical nurses, engineers, and various other occupational trades. Off the job training is considered to be especially useful to those in non-vocational positions, because it is believed to be a more effective way of teaching concepts and ideas—rather than specific, physical actions—to employees.
Yet, I have boiled down what I have found over 25 years to be the most critical elements of any well-designed and delivered NLP experience.
Not only is she a consummate facilitator and topic expert, her enthusiasm and passion for her work is infectious and we have received stellar evaluations whenever she has been involved on delivery of a module. Also students have embarked on the path of Christian coach or as a speaker in various churches.
I do recommend, that you develop a skill alongside NLP, to up your credibility as an expert. It was a perfect choice to acquire mastery in NLP over time as a coach, while still honing my skill set as a trainer at the same time. Essentially, job training is meant to prepare an employee for their new position and to help ensure that they are able to adequately perform the duties which are required of them.
These types of job training are called on the job training, off the job training and the on the job training plan. It is believed that people in vocational positions respond more positively to training which physically and visually shows them how to perform their job because vocational positions involve physical actions, rather than mental or psychological actions.
For example, an employee may find that they are better able to understand the policies and rules of a company through an off the job training tool such as a booklet, rather than attempting to absorb the information verbally in an on the job setting where their attention may be divided or conflicted as they learn the more physical aspects of their job. You’ll be able to apply the four factors mentioned below to your investigation of any NLP training. You’ve got to find a way to transfer them from the training experience into your living experience.
She has added immense value to the programme and I look forward to working with her again in the future. It is important to keep in mind, that much like most jobs, you don’t “easily” become it overnight.
However, people in vocational positions can also benefit from the second most common type of job training—off the job training. Kat showed tremendous empathy with the group and tailored the sessions well to keep us all engaged. It requires learning, practice, application, job experience, or perhaps even starting at the bottom. The group came out with a lot of ideas and solutions to use for the future and I have committed to follow up during our 1:1 sessions and at team meetings to continue the enthusiasm and momentum.

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