Live the way you want, achieve audacious goals, break habitual patterns, drop limitations, negotiate to win and communicate to persuade in all conditions.
As you get NLP Practitioner Certification, you also become qualified to be BestLife Practitioner Coach.
Siri G P Khalsa and Sat P Singh Khalsa are two wonderful trainers in their own rights and when you put them together as a team it only gets better.
NLP explores the relationships between how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and our patterns of behaviour and emotion (programs). Sachin Tendulkar, Deepak Chopra, Pankaj Advani, Roger Federer, Pitbull, Ronaldo, Tiger Woods, Donna Karan – Ever wondered what connects them all? As accredited training provider of American Board of NLP (ABNLP), our NLP trainings are run as per the Code of ethics laid down by ABNLP, USA, and leads to NLP Practitioner under ABNLP.
As member of the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP, UK), our trainings are run as per the Code of ethics laid down by ANLP, UK. If you don’t want certificates, you pay only the registration amount and attend all Six days. One year Internship (Co-facilitation with our Trainers and Coaches) with us which can be availed in Bangalore, Dubai, Cochin, Mumbai. Only Program in India which provides an opportunity to learn, grow, and set up a business and guidance in terms of how to do it. Please follow the few questions below which good people always ask and for which we always help them with solutions. And before you go through the program details please click here to see our video testimonials.
To be clear about what you want in your life and start to overcome the challenges that come in your way. Understand the most preferred communication method of yourself and others to enhance the results you get. In accessing highly creative inner resources like confidence and energy whenever you need them.
Note:- The trainer may make adjustments to the above subjects depending upon the needs of each group and participants.
Use NLP change mantra’s to deal with unwanted habits, non-productive emotions, unwanted behaviors and phobias, and learn when and where to use them.

You will have hands on experience of ancient Sufi meditation techniques and Indian Yogic Sutras for leading a stress free and happy life. This course is meant only for select few people who are committed towards the field of NLP and who want to become a Trainer or an  authority in the world of NLP.
We mainly do NLP training in Kerala, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Dubai and Qatar. NLP is a set of powerful coaching skills and tools that helps people design and live the life they truly want to lead. Access the resources of both the conscious and unconscious mind to gain the body’s support in eliminating addictions like smoking, drugs, alcohol, overeating, etc. On leaving the course you will be able to conduct one to one Breakthrough session professionally, coach yourself as well as coach members of your team and family to reach their highest potential. NLP Practitioner training is excellent for those who want to develop personally, coach others, influence customers, negotiate for win win outcomes. The seminar will be delivered by International speaker and trainer Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri and will contain the most up to date NLP skills as well as the unique breakthrough coaching system. Program: NLP Practitioner 7 Days Intensive Training Program with Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (Phd). For our latest schedule of free seminars, certified trainings and transformational workshops go to Book me. For more information download two  free booklets on 10 keys to confidence and how to create the life you want along with 5 other breakthrough books. To stay connected with us and to know more about upcoming events Like our Vitality Living College official facebook page Click here.
We bring you some of the best, authentic & highest standards of programs developed with fun, freedom, intelligence and heart. Get access to powerful NLP resources, videos, audios, e-books, event updates, discounts and more…. Together they provide for their clients an inner core of transformation through their systematic and strategic use of NLP skills.
I appreciate their level of devotion and dedication to their students and to perpetuating the high level of quality that can only be gotten in a Society of NLP – Dr. ABNLP (American Board of NLP) accredited certificate and International Coach Federation (ICF) approved certificate from 2016 onwards.  Imagine doing a Program as part of Social Responsibility with two most recognized brands in NLP and Coaching.

As accredited training provider of the International Association of Professional Coaches, Counselors, and Therapists (IAPCCT), our trainings are run as per the Code of ethics laid down by IAPCCT, and leads to NLP Practitioner under IAPCCT As approved training member our Coach Program is approved by International Coach Federation (ICF), and our trainings are run as per the Code of ethics laid down by ICF (USA) Our NLP and Coaching Accreditation are most professional and trusted NLP membership organizations in the world. The most comprehensive NLP Program in the country with varied topics coverage, multiple certificates, Franchise model, as part of current deals. Under this term unfolds a world of methods and techniques to build, evacuate and rebuild  the faculties of human mind.
We have identified authentic, nature friendly and rejuvenating spots to do our nlp training in Kerala, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi. It can be applied in business, at work, with relationships as well as creating personal satisfaction. The training is delivered by Global trainer Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD) and uses accelerated learning and the only course world-wide that includes Breakthrough coaching and 5 international qualifications in 7 days.
It is routinely used by professionals in all fields – for examples lawyers, doctors, accountants, consultants, business owners, trainers, teachers, parents, social workers, nurses, counsellers, coaches, therapists, nutritionists, executives, managers as well as employees. Currently running NLP Training programs in Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa, Himalayas & Thailand. They are devoted to helping their clients and students “Achieve the Best”, and help them to find the life strategies to do so. This is the only program in the country, where you have an option to take accredited NLP and Coaching certificates from well know International brands. Then onwards, many great minds followed this revolution and added their creativity to this brilliant faculty. You can come for our programs and experience the feeling of the beautiful locations that we have chosen for you. A good share of this world dwells on the other side of the corner, which normally is not accessible to a common mind. But, if one can access to the same, which will provide him with the freedom- the freedom to live as you wish, happy, peaceful and so forth.

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