We’ve created hundreds of cartoon characters for clients in virtually every sector and from many different countries. This is where the fun begins!  The artists then take the information you provided in your Character Planner and begin sketching concepts for your mascot.  This is even more exciting than usual because unlike some studios we assign multiple artists to you project.
Once the colored mascot design is complete, the only thing left to do is deliver the final artwork to you.
Some say the term cartoon mascot is used to describe a cartoon character designed for reasons other than pure entertainment. Conversely, some characters could be considered both a cartoon character AND a cartoon mascot. View our current cartoon mascot pricing (we run special offers from time to time) and order a mascot today.
Pre-engineered steel buildings dominate low-rise agricultural, commercial, industrial, and storage construction in today’s market.

Why?  Recent advances in design software are drastically minimizing engineering and manufacturing time, while maximizing productivity.  Precise calculations adjust for the loads required and automatically design a structure with the most efficient use of steel. Here’s a quick explanation of the various pieces of a typical pre-engineered metal building package. The basic parts of a pre-engineered steel framing kit are called COMPONENTS.  The illustration above color-codes the components for easy identification. The main structural supports act like ribs to support the weight of the building.  Attaching main frame COLUMNS and main frame RAFTERS together with large steel bolts creates the rib.
When the outside two columns and rafters are connected, they form a FRAME.  Each frame bolts to the foundation through factory-welded plates on the columns. This article supplies you with just a basic understanding of typical metal building components and their function.  Be sure to see Part 2 of Steel Buildings 101, which covers SECONDARY Steel Framing components, as well as Part 3 on ENDWALL options.
This means you get to see how different artists interpret your ideas and provides you with a wide range of styles to choose from.

View the Character Pack Video and see just how much value we deliver and just another reason why we’re the leaders in cartoon mascot design.
Common uses for a cartoon mascot include representing a sports team, a game clan, a company service, product or an entire brand.
Mickey Mouse for example has for a long time been both a cartoon character (featured in many of his own cartoons) but he’s also the lead cartoon mascot (among many) for Disney. Watch our new Character Design Process video which walks you through our process … or read on!

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