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The “Creamcycle Dude” felt bad when kids in under-served neighborhoods couldn’t afford ice cream, so began gifting it for free in exchange for an answer to a history or math question. The “Creamcycle Dude,” as he’s called, can be found on the streets in Buffalo, NY, selling frozen treats for $1. He had no idea that his efforts would garner nationwide attention – or support from others, but that’s exactly what happened. In effect, people began sending money to pay for the treats the Creamcycle Dude gives away.
To thank the compassionate donors, the Dude has begun asking the kids who received the free treats to create ‘thank you’ letters. This article (This Activist Gifts Kids Free Ice Cream For Answering History Or Math Questions) is free and open source.
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There are a lot of people who don’t get all their Christmas shopping done in time, and retail stores know that. Macy’s is one store which is taking the extended holiday hours before Christmas Day into overdrive. These holiday hours are for Macy’s locations that are able to stay open 24 hours a day. While not all quick payday loans are guaranteed, some of them are easier to get than others. Such loans may require some kind of collateral, usually being just a paycheck stub, but they do not require a credit score check, which makes them available to practically anyone even though you may have bad credit score or no credit history at all.
He began giving free ice cream to kids who can answer a simple math or history question after he felt bad that kids from under-served neighborhoods can rarely afford the treats. After Buffalo News shared his commendable philanthropy, his story went viral on Reddit and news stations began contacting him from all over. So far, he’s raised over $6,000 – far more than the $400 or $500 he had initially hoped for.
To help these last-minute shoppers, many retail stores are extending their store hours in the days before Christmas (although almost all stores will be closed on Christmas Day). Since the store is open 24 hours a day until Christmas Eve, choosing early morning hours, or late night hours should give you an opportunity to shop when there are far less people around. With the hustle, bustle and crowded stores, you’re going to want to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible. I think a lot of people have a hard time making it to the store during normal store hours to shop.

There are a few direct lenders that do provide a guaranteed payday loan – though, there are a few other loan companies as well. Online lenders do not hesitate in approving the loan online since the eligibility criteria are not strict. Although if you budget properly and plan ahead to repay the loan, a guaranteed payday loan lender can save you a lot of cash and help you with your finances. If you happen to be ones of those people who procrastinate, or if you need to get a gift for someone who you accidentally forgot about, the extended holiday hours offered by stores should make your shopping a lot easier.
Shopping during the normal shopping hours will result in the crowds you’ll find at all retail stores the last few days before Christmas.
Not having a list of what you want to get will make the experience that much worse, and many times have you buy something that’s not the perfect gift simply so you can escape.
The APR on such loans is generally around 365%, so as you can see, the interest rate is quite high. By spending a little time to create a list before you go, you’ll save yourself much more time and stress than you ever thought. My hours were very crazy over the holidays because I was doing the Angel tree and I was doing my normal job.

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