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Wasn't it Einstein who said something like he didn't worry about the need to know something as long as he knew where he could find the answer?I can attest that Google is my friend.

How to sell more books: 10 Questions You Need To Answer Honestly If You Want To Sell More Books.
Parent Portal Family Lunch Balance Elementary Supply List Middle School Supply List Free-Reduced Lunch Form School Staff Directory Canton Student Loan Parent Survey Student Scholarships AR - Home Connect Student Athletic Handbook Consent for Cont. We would therefore be grateful if you can take a few moments to complete this quick questionnaire. Since for some reason a lot of people contact us asking if the membership is really free: we are a social website for photographers, so we don't sell anything, and we don't charge any fees.
Right away, you'll get access to more photography-related material (pictures, tips, tricks, reviews) than contained in all photography books and magazines you could ever buy. Also, you'll get instant access to the most recent topics on our photography forum: hundreds of great tips from other photographers. There is a real element to it that follows the old saying, "You don't know enough to ask a question"!

There's so much free information on the internet you can spend years learning the meaning of most of the terms. I hand loaded 35mm film cassettes from bulk rolls of B&W film, shot the roll, hand loaded it onto stainless steel reels dropped into a stainless tank and developed. I learned how to determine my exposure time and use a densitometer to read a negative for proper exposure.
It's all up here in my little brain including the transition to digital when the best resolution was 320x240.
It's all wondrous!So, along comes a new generation of photographers, impatient, wanting instant success, instant gratification and instant answers.

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