Some people love to wake up early; some of us are night owls and go to bed when the sun rises. Improve Mood by remembering to think positive with Affirmation Aromatherapy OilsMood lift is a higher state of joy that is attainable through reassuring yourself that you are indeed experiencing joy. The essential oils used in this Affirmation Oil were chosen specifically for their benefits in helping to address the issue. It’s empowering to replace negative self talk with positive affirmations for anxiety.
The fact is that many people think positive affirmations are hokey, or that anxiety is such a beast that doing positive affirmations couldn’t really help.
It helps to go over a list of positive affirmations before you head out the door in the morning.

It’s essential to use positive affirmations before going into a situation where you know your anxiety will be triggered.
If you want, you can come up with your own special affirmations for your specific situation. Doing positive affirmations for anxiety is another powerful self help tool that I invite you to try.
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Tap into some of this strong, loving energy today, and remember to share it with others along the way. Remember, the more you love yourself, the more love you have for others; so, choose to uplift yourself with self-love today! To get the best results, repeat the following affirmation as you inhale the scent of this essential oil blend.

When coming up with your affirmations, keep it simple and don’t worry about doing it perfectly. If the affirmations ring true to you, they resonate down deep into your subconscious – where real healing takes place.
Just try to imagine what a loving best friend would say to you– and then say those wonderful loving things to yourself!
I would turn off the radio on my commute in to work and repeat my affirmations over and over again to myself.

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