Easy to navigate and use, this website offers simple searching to find the best available deals on credit cards, loans, savings accounts, broadband, energy providers and insurance. Money Magpie has tips on how to earn on the side, boost your income and make the most of your dosh.
This entry was posted in Online Money Saving Tips and tagged saving on May 12, 2009 by admin. You have listed some great money saving websites, but there are a few more worthy of a mentions. In the first of our new weekly features showcasing the best UK money saving websites the spotlight is on daily deals comparison site Deal Zippy. Daily deals can be a great way to save money if you use them to buy things which you would have brought anyway (rather than just for splurging on luxuries!) but one of my biggest annoyances with Deal sites like Groupon is the excessive volume of emails you receive when you sign up with them.
This is why we like Deal Zippy, it sucks up all the offers from different deal sites and sends you just one email each day (or week if you prefer).
All in all Deal Zippy is a great little website for anyone who wants to take advantage of daily deal offers without the email spam! About James MedleyJames is the editor of Money Saving Ninjas and writes most of the posts here. While we try our best to give you good advice, please be aware we're not regulated or authorised by the FSA or any other body, so take what we say with a liberal pinch of salt, shot of tequila and squeeze of lemon.
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I find this site really helpfull, for a start they dont send you emails you dont want BUT they do let you know on a regular basis of deals on things you do want.
Searched many sites for currency and when I found money co uk was delighted with the outcome. We are all very busy these day and to get the best bargain need a constant update on what's available. I'm just about to move to a new housing development I have been looking around for broadband, phone, television package with a number of different websites all allegedly offering comparison. Select the range you want to include in your bargain shop - get it when it suits - forewarned is forearmed - everybody looks for bargains - this site helps !! Used site to find best exchange rate for Euros easy to use and had special rate at Debenhams and included a ?5 gift card on top.
The site is so easy to navigate, has plenty of information on it and is tailor made to your own requirements. It has an alert system that sends daily emails to your inbox with all the latest deals and information. Tweet The changes could leave you with less cash There are some big changes to housing and other benefits that will come into effect in April 2013.
My partner has his own flat and the dwp pay ?180 towards his rent and he then pays the ?120 himself.
It’s hard to say how the DWP will deal with the payment as we don’t know enough about your situation. I’m afraid we can’t give a definitive answer on this as it all depends from one landlord to another. If your son is full-time employed and he moves in with you he will probably need to contribute to the household costs in some way. The best people to speak to regarding this would be your local authority who can be more specific about what he would be expected to pay and if he would be entitled to any carer’s allowance.
Your brother would be classed as a non-dependent and the housing department will decide whether to apply a non-dependent deduction from your housing benefit. Because you are on DLA they may not want to apply a deduction but this is dependent on whether you get the care element of DLA or not. If you only get the mobility element then you’ll get a ?13.40 a week deduction which might be higher than the 14% bedroom tax deduction. Your brother cannot claim housing benefit or Council Tax support as he will be treated as a non-dependent and so any housing costs or board he pays you will have to come out of his JSA. Hi im currently claiming housing benefit and maternity allowance im curently pregnant due soon and only recieving 350 pm from.maternity allowance and 25pound per week for housing benefit . Because you mentioned dealing with some understandable stress in preparation for your baby’s arrival, it might be worth getting in touch with your local surestart centre.
If you’re dealing with unsecured debt such as loans, credit cards, overdrafts, catalogues and store cards, we can help you get these under control so you can focus on higher priority household bills.
Benefits can get very complicated, so it’s hard for me to comment without knowing your full situation. I’d recommend asking for your claim to be looked at again and asking why your entitlement has been reduced. Give us a call on 0800 138 1111 – we have a dedicated benefits team who should be able to give some advice. If your brother and his new wife are living together then it’s important that they update their benefit claims. It wouldn’t be a case of her having her benefits stopped, it would be more that they would be assessed together and their entitlement as a couple would be worked out.
Benefits can get very complicated, so I don’t have enough information to say what the best thing to claim would be. I am currently a 24 year old man still living at home with my parents who receive benefits.
If you moved out and your parents had arrears they would need to repay them, but their benefits may increase in line with this.

We can have a look at your situation for you and see if there are any changes to your entitlement you need to be aware of before your daughter moves in. As Rachel mentioned, bedroom tax is a separate type of reduction on your housing benefit and this shouldn’t be affected by any other types of income or benefits you receive. If you have any concerns or questions then you could speak to your local housing authority or the benefits office who should be able to answer your question in more detail for you. Have been all over looking for solution to my Marriage until i tried out the internet, I found Dr.
We had a visit, that’s why I was a asking as I wondered if we’d be in trouble, does it affect your tax? As our specialism is debt we’re not able to advise on individual cases when it comes to benefits. The best thing to do would be for your girlfriend’s mum to give the council or local benefits office a call. In some circumstances, people who rent from close family members would continue to be entitled to receive housing benefit.
Your sons income has nothing to do with your benefits needs and what you are entitled your childrens income should not be used to work out your own benefit allowance that’s unfair in him and you. Due to a car accident Christmas 2013 and I have now been off work 14 months and live in a 2 bedroom flat and I am on ESA from July last year my husband left me in August last year and my daughter left 2 weeks later to live with her boyfriend , my son aged 24 who is on JSA moved in as he was homeless so he is in one bedroom and me the other I have to pay so much for that other bedroom but I don’t know why ? As our expertise is in debt advice we wouldn’t be able to advise on individual benefits cases. We’d recommend getting in touch with your local benefits office to ensure they’re up to date with your current circumstances. If you’re struggling with housing costs, you should check to make sure you’re receiving all the benefits you are entitled to.
My daughter has an isa account and a flexible saver account as well as a bank account and she’s working, would this affect my housing benefit and council tax support even though I’m on dla? Options: by zluti marketing make money trading binary adalah, 1a, alpari regulated binary option trading. As online shopping has grown in popularity, so have the number of ways you can earn something back on the things you buy. The largest cashback websites, such as Quidco and TopCashback, now claim to pay out hundreds of millions of pounds a year. The idea is very simple: you sign up with a cashback site, search for offers from retailers, then click through and purchase from an eligible retailer and earn cashback. Reward schemes, as their name suggests, reward you with points every time you make a purchase at partner retailers.
Some retailers are only part of reward schemes; for example Amazon is part of Nectar but not currently on any cashback sites. Obviously if you prefer cash it's a no-brainer, but what if you're contemplating using your rewards to pay for travel or other treats?
I should say again that this is quite a rough and ready analysis, as Avios doesn't reveal how much its points are worth.
My analysis indicates that, if it's just a simple case of reward points versus cashback, you're better off in most cases taking the cashback. However, if you pay for your shopping using a reward credit card, such as the Sainsbury's Bank Nectar credit card or the British Airways American Express card (which offers Avios), you can quickly double or treble your points. The same applies to cash, if that's the route you prefer to take, if you pay using a cashback credit card such as the American Express Platinum Cashback Everyday card or the Capital One Aspire World card.
The key, of course, with these credit cards is to make sure you can pay off your balance in full each month. If you have a Boots Advantage card or a Waterstones card, you can also earn loyalty points on your purchases in addition to any cashback. All the main ones like Groupon, Living Social, eBay and KGB Deals are covered as well as a lot of smaller sites which you may not have come across like Wowcher and Mighty Deals. One thing I do really like on the site though and find quite addictive is the travel section which lists absolutely loads of discounted hotel breaks. He's a contributor to a wide range of financial websites and publications and lives in London with his wife and 2 boys. With a Waitrose, 2 Sainsburys & 3 Tescos within 5 miles of me I get an email every Tuesday morning at 8am telling me what promotions each Supermarket has. Save time & money and learn about new products as they come on the market.Clearly you cannot expect to like everything as it goes out to a wide audience but its surprising how quickly you become adept at spotting things that matter to you. This was perhaps the most dissapointing of all as it refused to recognise the post code of the house I'm moving into - yet I know the Royal Mail added it to their records weeks ago.
Not only can you "Compare Prices"' but the site give you money off offer, free sample & the odd free gift! If you receive housing benefit to help you pay your rent it’s important that you understand these changes to see if you’ll be affected and what you should do. She enjoys spending time with her two children, fundraising for charities, has spent time volunteering in Africa and takes part in organised races. I BEENG LIVIN IN A STUDIO FLAT WITH MY CHILD FOR 7 YEARS AND ITS BEEN HARD FOR ME TO FIND A 2 BED FLAT WHERE THE LANDLORD CAN ACCEPT DSS.
You should be able to find out from the benefits office just how much of your rent they are able to cover.
Now my rent is 450 pm and if u total up what i get im literally having to spend my maternity allowance all of it on rent im not happy about this atall how am i supposed to pay bills feed myself bring up my child im a single parent have no other kids first child and this is what im earning i cannot afford anything i have gas electric and water bills overdue borrowed money from family and frienda and im soon going to go into debt! I have brought up 3 children one is still living at home but at present at university in a different city. We’ve got a dedicated welfare benefits team who would be happy to talk to you about your situation.

Because of my earnings the local council are saying my mum and dad don’t receive full housing benefit.
Please give our Helpline a call and they will be able to put you in touch with our Welfare Benefits team (please note that they will need to go through your budget with you which will take about 20 minutes).
I have a 18 year old who is on a getting an apprentice scheme, he only receives ?20 for travelling cost.
Zexta Gio whom people talked about and shared good testimonies about him, My Husband has decide to leave our marriage, because he said he can’t stand my mom, But i love my Husband so much that i can let him leave after 8years of marriage.
OLOKUM is really the best i have ever seen since my husband left me and my kids i have been trying different online spell caster and i did not see any result until a friend of mine gave me his contact Email address that i should contact him that he will be able to help me. However if she’s receiving housing benefit this could be affected, as this does depend on how many people are classed as living in the property.
However I’d suggest she gives her landlord or the council a call to check, as they will have more information about her specific circumstances. They should have more information regarding this individual case and will be able to advise further. You can rent a flat to your parents, but depending on the set-up it might affect the housing benefit they’re entitled to.
This is usually as long as they pay rent on a formal basis, and the family member who owns the property doesn’t live there too. Our advice would be quite limited on this subject as benefits issues aren’t something that we can advise on. They should also be able to answer any other questions you might have and offer specific advice for you. It's worth noting that Quidco charges a £5 annual membership fee, while TopCashback is free, although as you'll see the amount of cashback each offers can vary. You can either do this in-store via a reward card (in the case of Nectar at certain retailers, such as Sainsbury's) or by purchasing via the reward scheme's website. Meanwhile, Boots appears on cashback sites but is not part of a reward scheme (I'm not counting its own Advantage Card). Let's take a look at how reward schemes stack up against cashback websites for some of the most popular retailers. For this example, and it is only an example, I've presumed that you earn an average of two Avios or Nectar points for every £1 you spend. And that quickly increases your ability to earn rewards such as flights or days out, particularly if you get a hefty welcome bonus of thousands of points. It’s fine at first, and even exciting if you see deals which you like, but it soon gets tiresome to have to delete stacks of email every time you login to your webmail. Im afraid of actually stressing out so bad that i wont be able to look after myslf or my child is there any other help i can get any benefits i can claim im off work for maternity leave and couldnt get maternity pay so thats why im.getting maternity allowance its all stressing me out and i know il be able to get child benefit and child tax credits but yet that wont be enought to afford to support my child or pay any bills HELP!
I receive no benefits for him ,the council are now asking me to pay rent because he’s over 18 can they do this with him earning nothing? The first time he told me what i have to do i thought he was the same as the other so called spell caster but i just have to give it a try which i did and after he did the casting of the spell i started seeing changes my husband send gift to my kids and also wrote a letter that he was going to come back home very soon i was so surprise and now we are back together again thank you My husband came back home after 4days with so much love and care. Successful broker binary option this is something that dcm deletes small comparison et campaign. I NORMALLY PAY ?50 OR SOMETHIMES MORE FROM MY WAGES FOR THE RENT , I NOW I HAVE FOUND THIS FLAT IN ?1100PCM AND ONLY TO PAY GAS BILL . If you have things such as loans, credit cards, overdrafts, catalogues or storecards, these are non-priority and you can look to reducing the payments on these if you absolutely have to in order to make ends meet.
Will he have to contribute in payment of the house rent or any sort if he moves in with me? Then I developed severe arthritis and it got to the point a year ago where I was told I couldnt work anymore it was damaging my joints, so I had to claim DLA etc. Zexta Gio did changed the whole problems and issue to testimony, He did a spell to calm and reconcile my mom and my Husband and then carryout a spell to make my husband love me more and remain in our marriage. If you live in a council or housing association home and you have one or more ‘spare’ bedrooms, you’ll receive less housing benefit from April 2013.
Make a few days a fast learning to lose all over the united kingdom, binary options broker.
Under the new rules you’re allocated one bedroom for: Each adult couple Any other person aged 16 or over Two children of the same gender under the age of 16 Two children under the age of 10 regardless of their gender Any other child A carer (who doesn’t normally live with you) if you or your partner need overnight care.
However, we had a small legacy from my parents which went to my son to fund university, first car, leaving home etc. Of course now he’s at Uni its not a problem as he is classed as a non-dependent adult on the student exemption. But I am worried half to death about what we will do when he graduates… Will his savings reduce my benefits and HB? 4-10th World Food Day - 16th October National Heroes Day - 21st Oct. I thought these politicians were supposed to be encouraging the children of ‘ordinary’ families to go to Uni, why are they making it so hard for us?!? Not just the current Govt – the last Labour lot were just as bad bringing in bedroom tax for private tenants – loads of us have to rent privately because they dont build council houses anymore!

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