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DVDs of the fights can be bought for around £11 with websites promising round-the-world shipping. These websites are overtly pornographic with staged pictures of girls having what little clothing they have being torn from their bodies. Artist page, where you can read a detailed statement by the artist explaining his painting process.
The modern art print page explains the differences between all the different types of prints, including how to tell the difference between a reproduction and an art print. The roots of modern art can be traced back to the middle of the nineteenth century, with the major breakthroughs taking place in the early part of the twentieth century. You can find recommendations for some of the most interesting books on modern art on the Art Books pages.
Photographs show them pulling one another's hair, slapping each other and pinning other women to the ground.
On June 17 he posted a picture of a girl as she prepared for her fight that afternoon and pledges a series of open-air fights over the summer period.
However innocently he portrays it, pictures on his Facebook constantly references foxycombat.

The geographical centre of the modern art movement moved to New York at this time, after being centred on Paris for most of the earlier years.
In one case organisers issued a Facebook appeal for girls to take part in a fight for an American businessman visiting Belfast. Mr Thompson bizarrely claimed there was no catfighting scene in Northern Ireland, despite him openly arranging fights on social media. On its home page, where members pay $29 per month, visitors can find topless and fully naked stills from videos.
Scantily-clad fighters, many of them in stockings and suspenders, square up to each other at secret venues for a £300 winnera€™s purse. In another post they were trying to set up an a€?Old Firma€™ fight with girls clad in Rangers and Celtic shirts taking each other on. The locations are only ever shared with the fighters and whoever is paying for the private duel. He trawls for girls for private fights and boasts of a€?great scrapsa€™ he has organised for August. The platinum blonde, known as Wee Chazy, posed a picture of herself in fighter pose beside her opponent.
The catfight craze has drawn considerable online criticism, with one Belfast mother commenting on Thompsona€™s Facebook that she found it a€?scary and violenta€?.

So you can wear whatever you like.a€? Everybody on his Facebook page was dressed in skimpy underwear.
Enticed by the promise of a€?easy moneya€™, friends and strangers engage in vicious pre-arranged catfights which are then filmed and sold online across the globe. Being a Fox is to be wild, clever, bitchy and stronga€¦ but always foxy,a€? the website boasts. His Facebook profile lists him as being an employee of UK Catfights and he uses social media to call for women willing to a€?battlea€? each other in a private duel which is then filmed for fetish websites. Ita€™s absolutely scandalous.a€? In his response, Thompson accused her of a€?narrow-mindednessa€? and that if she didna€™t like it a€?find that wee unfollow button and give it a wee clicka€?. In May he posted: a€?Short notice, but we need 2 girls for a private catfight next weekend.
Despite pictures all over his social media profiles of semi-naked women writhing around, John regularly reinforces the clothing issue. We have a client that is over here from the USA on business and has heard of our work and wants to see a catfight match while he is here.

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