Money making guide, Quest guide, Skill training guide, Wilderness guide – All your RuneScape guides in short videos! The Earth Obelisk is located on an island in the Wilderness only accessible via the Edgeville dungeon. Bear in mind that running through the Edgeville dungeon places you in combat range of aggressive thugs, chaos druids, deadly red spiders, level 84 skeletons, poison spiders and black demons.
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Using the map on the right as a guide through the dungeon, the round trip to the obelisk, counting banking, takes approximately 205 seconds. The Earth Obelisk is also located in the Wilderness, so do not take anything you are not prepared to lose. It is possible to let the gnomes around it take it to about 10 hitpoints, while you are hiding across the bridge at the edge of the arena.

Using the Edgeville lodestone for banking, you can charge 27 orbs per trip (one inventory slot is needed for the cosmic runes), resulting in a profit of 44,577 coins per trip.
If the demon gets to 0 hitpoints, purely by the gnomes, it regenerates to 20% of its full health.

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