Brand Ambassadors are the friendly people you see wearing branded t-shirts and handing out or demoing products at events and high foot traffic areas. A Brand Ambassador is someone who is hired to represent a brand in a positive light and by doing so they help to raise brand awareness and provide consumers with a memorable face-to-face experience with the brand.
A common misconception is that Brand Ambassadors are employees of the brand they are promoting but that’s not the case. Brand Ambassadors are usually hired in medium to large groups to work at large events, music festivals, trade shows, sports games, nationwide tours, and pretty much anywhere where there are lots of people and excitement! I’ve represented famous brands such as Nike, Samsung, General Mills, and Chevrolet at amazing events such as Comic Con, E3, the US Open of Surfing, and Coachella. I get this question pretty often and it’s always hard to answer because there are so many ways to promote a brand to people. There are lots of ways you can promote a brand as an ambassador, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It still surprises me how much extra income we are able to make on the side while we pursue our other passions.
On average, I personally net anywhere from $300-$700 per week (depending on the season, the gig, and if I feel like working) and the best month I had I made over $3,000. It should be noted that while the promotional marketing industry is easy to get into, it can be competitive.
Once you find your local group, request to join it or if you like traveling, join the Facebook groups of other cities you’d like to work in as well to hit the road!
After registering with a handful of the best agencies, you will consistently get about 10-15 job openings emailed to you every single day. I put together a comprehensive list of staffing agencies and their ratings on my website which you can use as a starting point for creating staff profiles. The pay is great but because the brand must pay the agency before you get paid, your payment can take anywhere from 1-6 weeks to get to you. You are an independent contractor, which means no taxes will be taken out so you should save a percentage of your earnings to pay later.
You may not hear back from many of the gigs you apply for, especially if you’re just starting out. Most gigs are only 1-3 days long which means you always need to keep your eyes open for opportunities. If being on your feet and talking with people for hours at a time doesn’t sound fun to you, then being a Brand Ambassador may not be your cup of tea…but try it anyway! By now I’m sure you’re 1,738% convinced that being a Brand Ambassador is one of the greatest side hustle options out there. If you have a friendly and outgoing personality and are looking for a flexible, fun, and lucrative way to make extra income, being a Brand Ambassador may be the perfect side hustle and potential full-time job for you!
I’m pretty sure it would be illegal to have someone do the job of a brand ambassador on a volunteer basis. Yes, there are many of company’s that are out there that think it is okay for a Brand Ambassador to do all of the heavy lifting for free and think SWAG is a good enough payment for 10+ hours.
Yes, most people think Brand Ambassadors are employees of the brand or volunteers but it’s actually a great side hustle opportunity for all of us friendly folk :] Good luck! Yes, most of the big events are closer to metropolitan areas but just like Lauren said, you’d be surprised how many Brand Ambassador opportunities there are in your area. Yea this is actually a PERFECT side gig for college students as staffing agencies are always looking for young, energetic, and friendly people who have a flexible schedule. And for all the SAHMs, there are tons of companies looking for brand ambassadors that just require you to use their products and post about it on social media.
That’s a cool side gig man, it really goes to show that opportunities are everywhere.
YES it’s the best when you have enough experience where brands want to hire you to travel.
I admit that I was one of those people who just assumed that the brand ambassadors were employees of the company. You don’t necessarily have to be the loudest and most outgoing person to be a great Brand Ambassador. Depending on the gig, it really can be one of the easiest and most fun jobs in the world :] I mean, getting paid to sample beers at fun places?? I loved that episode of Community (one of my favorite shows), it was hilarious how they incorporated their own sponsorship of the show into an actual character. He came back in the last season and he and Britta both had to be car ambassadors in order to date. Esbuzz, Youtubers mexicanos exitosos estos creativos emprendieron sus propias ideas y las llevaron a cabo a traves de un medio.

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Each of them carry their own cart full of rice cakes to give to the staff that have watched over them for a year.
They also visit the variety department head, Kim Jin Hong, who give them allowance money in exchange for rice cakes. If you have a friendly and outgoing personality and want to get paid for it, this may the perfect side hustle for you! In actuality, they are simply contracted freelancers who are hired by staffing and event marketing agencies to represent their clients – the brands.
One of my favorite parts about being a Brand Ambassador is that you get access into these hard-to-get-into venues for FREE and are able to explore and party during your breaks and after your shift! There are many different job positions within the industry that you can be hired for that all have different responsibilities and even higher pay rates. You’ll be ahead of most of your competitors and you should be landing many of the gigs you apply for. There are hundreds of staffing agencies out there and many of them are hiring for promotional gigs every single day. There are Ambassador Facebook groups for every major city and this is where staffing and event marketing agencies post their open jobs. You can do so by creating profiles with the agencies that offer it, and those agencies will email you directly with any job opportunities they have.
It’s so convenient, and you get to hear about exclusive opportunities you won’t find out about in Facebook or Craigslist, which is why I love this option so much. It’s not hard at all, and if you take the time to make profiles for good agencies, it will save you lots of time and make you lots of money in the long run.
I’ve looked through every single Side Hustle option on ‘Budgets Are Sexy’ and only a few of them can compare to how fun, flexible, and lucrative being a Brand Ambassador can be.
Agencies are getting better about paying more quickly but because of this middle-man effect, it’s important to read your contracts before signing and to keep track of which agencies owe you what and when. This could be a good or bad thing depending on how you like to file your taxes and what you decide to write off.
For some people, this is great as it’s extremely flexible and one can apply for work whenever they have the time. It has everything from FREE digital guides, helpful blog posts, agency reviews, downloadable resume designs, and more.
While it would be illegal to NOT pay a signed contractor if the contract states compensation and the work has been completed, there are volunteer Brand Ambassador gigs every once in awhile for special events, such as non-profit events or the Special Olympics. Most gigs are on the weekends which makes it a great side hustle even if you have a full-time job or are busy during the week.
Haha… I’ve seen them given out at bars and clubs (mmm vodka red bulls) but to stacks of books?

A library during finals week sounds like the perfect opportunity to get in front of the target demographic.
I was a Field Manager for 3 months and on the weekends I drove to youth baseball games and set up a tent and table with some swag and collected leads for the local dealership through an iPad.
Try googling Brand Ambassadors in your town, and you would be surprised how many results there are. You don’t start off getting paid nearly as much, but the more you send traffic to their website, the more you make.
Yeah I volunteered once at a big event, it was non-paid, but we got free dinner, a T-shirt, a few giveaways, and we were able to attend the event.
He’s been working at it for so long now, that he actually gets to travel for the work. I don’t know if I have the outgoing personality necessary to be successful at this, but I know people who could make a killing doing this side hustle. I had some friends who were also BAs for a beer distributor, and they went around to bars and got people to try samples of free beer and give their opinions on what the bar should carry. I thought the same exact thing until a buddy of mine introduced me to the industry and I’ve been one of the smiling guns for hire ever since! I have some friends who travel all over the nation and get paid to work at music festivals and big events! Lots of people wonder how they can make money from their friendly personalities and being a Brand Ambassador is one of the most fun and lucrative ways to do it. Luckily based on this post it seems like you don’t have to change your identity to just to be a brand ambassador.
If you have a friendly and outgoing personality already, then you don’t have to change one bit.
It seems, what Sony did, was to avoid close-focusing (macro) under normal shooting conditions. Then I’ll cancel my subscription for a few months, maybe 3-4 months, while they add new content.
If you like what you see, why not connect via Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to the RSS feed and always receive up-to-date information about new articles on this topic. Dubbed as Reliance 3G Tab, this Android tablet comes with Android 2.3, 7 inch display and dual cameras. While that would be a pretty cool gig, what we do is much easier and way more fun than that. You can do everything from manage promotional events, go on tours in branded trucks, and even pump people up as a costume character! There are literally dozens of postings every day and what’s great is you’ll get a Facebook notification every time there’s a new posting.
It usually consists of inputting your basic personal information, any experience you have, and some pictures of yourself.
It’s a numbers game in this industry but the more gigs you work, the easier it will be to land future gigs you apply for. But Clarrise, there is NO WAY anyone would stand for 10 hours and share product information for free LOL. The local Chevrolet dealership would also be there and they would have attendees test drive the latest cars.
I always thought that the brand ambassadors were either volunteers or low wage employees of the company being represented.
And if not, try directing reaching out to brands that you think would benefit from advertising at events in your area. This is a terrific profile – loved learning more about the ins and outs of the profession. It’s such a great side hustle and I wish you the best of luck if you decide to give it a shot. It is available starting today at Reliance World and Reliance Mobile stores in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, while 13 telecom circles with Reliance 3G services will get it in the next few days. Reliance 3G Tab comes with a series of preloaded Android applications like Facebook, Twitter, Documents To Go, Navigation Apps and more.
Most gigs only ask for a resume and some headshots but if you ever feel uncomfortable, move on to the next one. A table for an up and coming brand outside a grocery store in a small town might see less traffic, but they will see more engaged traffic.

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