Upload your grocery receipts and get cash back on certain items, making shopping lists, view store flyers.
Earn points when you make purchases at any Loblaw owned store, by showing your cashiers your smartphone or card. GasBuddy finds the lowest gas prices in your area, you also earn points for submitting the price of gas, which can be used to enter contests to win weekly gas card giveaways. Getting Freebies in your mailbox - will be one of your highlightsWhat We DoEnjoy our Daily Dose's of Coupons, Freebies, Contests and Deals all designed for Canada in Mind!
Pact is a useful app that fulfills dual purpose of making money as well as keeping you healthy. Field agent is an excellent app which lets you carry out small missions in your neighborhood to earn cash. We have featured a small collection of iPhone, iPad and android apps that can be used to make money.
There are a number of ways that you can make money from your app idea, one of the easiest ways is to distribute your app and charge a set amount to download the app from the app store. The fact is  that some of the most successful apps are highly complex: Location aware (GPS), social-networking capable apps such as Whrrl, FourSquare or Glympse. So, I’ve been learning lately about ways to make and save money with your smartphone. You do have to verify your purchases by taking a picture of your receipt, but if the store you go to has a loyalty card (and they are a partner) all you have to do is remember to swipe your loyalty card, put your card number in your Ibotta app, and it will automatically recognize that you made the purchase there. Very similar to Ibotta, though it doesn’t have a referral program, which I think makes Ibotta better. This is a fairly new cashback app that is very similar to Ibotta and Checkout 51 — it even has similar items.
Tasks usually are pretty simple — such as, going to a store and taking a picture of a product on the shelf, or taking a quick survey about a store.
This app seems a bit more gimmicky to me than others, but it seems to have good reviews, and scanning barcodes really isn’t hard to do! I know, I know, I said there were seven ways to earn money with your smart phone in this post…but I tricked you. Katie Clark is a Colorado-native, a journalism graduate from Brigham Young University, and most importantly, a mother to the cutest little boy and wife to the most handsome man. Some of them ask you to do small tasks like take pictures or fill out surveys while others help you earn cash just by shopping. Saving Star – Earn cash just by purchasing the products you and your family love with this app! Groupon Snap – This money making app allows you to earn cash back whenever you buy groceries regardless of your store of choice.
Ibotta – Download Ibotta (for free) and get paid for the purchases you make on a daily basis. You earn cash back on first time purchases and points every time you shop that can be redeemed for cash or other freebies.
Ebates – The ability to earn up to 26% cash back each time you shop within a network of over 1,700 stores makes this money making app pretty darn attractive.
Checkpoints – Save when you shop for top brands and earn rewards with this money making app featured in the Washington Post, NY Times, USA Today and CNN. The jobs are small assignments that you can easily complete and the developers pay you for collecting information like photos or product information for their clients all over the world. You just need to preview video trailers of apps and you will get points that you can redeem with PayPal cash, Amazon gift codes and many more. Prices vary a lot, there is a large  selection of apps priced at just 99 cents that bank on volume sales to make money. And on the other hand some of the most successful apps are very simple, one-off novelty applications. Would be app entrepreneurs should be using SEO, social media and traditional media to generate interest in their new application.

The love relationship comes from the fact that I actually find it quite relaxing to go to the grocery store, or walk through Target, browsing the seasonal and dollar section. You get rebates for buying certain products — and these are actually products people buy. However, they have a lot of great products on there and you can typically make between .25 and 1.00 back on common purchases! It was launched by Groupon, and regardless of what store you buy the items at, you can get cashback. On your computer, you can earn points for doing your basic web searches, surveys, games, etc.
It has all sorts of sweet features, such as price comparison, the ability to search for deals on specific items, you can set it up to personalize what deals you want to see. There are hundreds of discounts on tons of different products available, and, best of all, you can combine it with RED card discounts and other coupons, to get even better discounts. Basically, all you do is turn the app one whenever you are watching TV Or listening to music, and you get a point for every minute you do of each activity.
You just load up your receipts from any grocery store, super center, club store, dollar store, drug store, etc., and you get points.
The first way, is to scan barcodes on products while you are at stores — the grocery store, malls, etc.
The jobs do pay quite well (between $6 and $220) and you can get notifications whenever a new job appears in your area. She is a woman of many (random) talents, which include writing, cooking, sewing, technology, social media, and being a self-proclaimed Google expert.
Rude comments, those containing personal attacks, or anything criticising how this blog is run or monetized, will be deleted immediately. Regardless of which money making app you favor, none of them require anything too difficult.
Then, after you shop, upload a picture of your receipt and Checkout51 will send you a check.
This money making app supports purchases at over 150 stores including Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and Best Buy. Choose offers on Shopium for your fav products and brands, shop till you drop, upload a picture of your receipt, and get paid. Whether you are hanging out at the mall or at a cafe or even at home, you can easily collect rewards every day. This free to use app allows you to check out the new uploaded videos and get rewards in return. You will get notifications when new Gigs will be available in your area and you will be paid for a Gig that you will complete.
You can easily find work at nearby stores and shops and these shifts are usually done in less than a few minutes.
You need to complete simple offers like downloading a free app, completing a survey, registering to free websites, playing free games, watching video ads and more.
At the other end of the scale you can buy apps that cost hundreds of dollars that are aimed at specific purposes, an example is a $900 video surveillance  app, another is a $1000 study guide for lawyers called Barmax. Another highly effective and very popular model is to generate revenue from in app purchases. It may be that the best app for you is limited in scope, often you don’t need to invest $50,000 or $100,000 to develop and launch a successful app. Some of these provide coupons or rebates, while others require you do a simple task (such as snap a picture of a display.) Either way, they are pretty simple, and who knows, maybe you’ll make enough (or more) to pay for your monthly smart phone bill!
These rebates are unlocked when you perform certain tasks in the app such as reading a little bit of trivia, watch a short video, take a poll, or sharing information about the product on Facebook or Twitter. Please use my code kivuqq when you sign up so we can be on the same team and earn bonuses together. If you use this, along with Ibotta and Checkout 51, you could potentially earn a lot of extra cash!

They also announce Swag codes all the time to help you earn points to redeem for rewards like Amazon gift cards.
What I think is one of the most valuable aspects of this app is that it shows you the sale prices and available coupons for different products, which helps you find the absolutely best price. When you find a job that you qualify for, you have to submit it within two hours for verfiication of your work. I saw a review of the app, where someone said they have made over $7,000 during the three years they have used the app. And while you can’t get points from places like restaurants yet, that is in the works.
She loves spending time with her family, learning about parenting and pregnancy, and just enjoying life to the fullest.
In addition to snagging cash back, Ebates offers a variety of special offers to its users such as free shipping. Plus, you’ll get notifications of great deals and trending products to help you save money when you do decide to break out that wallet. Among popular money making apps, the gigs range from $6 to $220 and this app offers you a good way to earn cash.
This easy to use app also shows you the best products and deals and then you can redeem your points for gift cards.
Examples might be digital products and services, subscriptions, extra levels, content, features and functionality. It pays to monitor the top 50 or so apps in the app store to see whats working, often you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make money.
None of these will probably make you rich, but if you are looking for easy ways to make (or even save) some extra money, these will definitely help.
There are several different tasks for each product, and you get a little bit more of a rebate for each one you complete. They now have a mobile app where you can earn SwagBucks, earn points, and hear about new SwagCodes.
It also has sale information that is put in weekly by top grocery store experts, which means only the best information is put in.
In addition to getting the points for just walking into the store, you can get more points for scanning certain items throughout the store. All you have to do is select the discounts you want, and let the person at the cash register scan the barcode.
Most of the prizes do require a decent amount of points to redeem, but really, what have you got to lose?!
You can redeem points for Amazon and Walmart gift cards, flight miles with American Airlines, and electronic devices. You basically just download the app onto your phone and browser, and it just collects data about what times of day you browse, what sites are popular, etc. Another method to monetize is through affiliate sales  in iTunes, the App store, the iBookstore and Mac App Store. I like this, because most of the time, I don’t feel like sharing the deal on Facebook, but I am still able to get a little bit of cash back. It may not seem like a lot (usually between 25 cen $1.00 on each product) but it adds up pretty quickly, especially if you shop at participating stores often! Yep, if you’ve got a smartphone you could be recouping part of your monthly bill by taking advantage of money making apps. So as with most of these apps, it might take awhile to accumulate, but you really don’t have to do a lot beyond keeping your receipts.

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