Some people think that money makes the world go round, others that it’s the root of all evil, but in our office it’s not the currency of choice – we like cake! No one ever believes us but it’s absolutely true because we always seem to have cake in the office, for birthdays, for celebrations, because its Monday!
Today we held our Comic Relief Bake Sale and everyone brought something along, even me and the last time I baked I burnt the Pavlova!
Taking the time to chat, laugh, listen and yes eat cake is my recipe for building a strong team. Community LincsCommunity Lincs is a Lincolnshire charity working to sustain and improve the quality of life for individuals and communities across the county.

Whenever someone joins our organisation we always look at them sympathetically and say “Do you like cake?” and when they say yes we say “well you’re likely to put on at least half a stone in the next six months!”. I know that it’s probably not very healthy, it certainly isn’t very good for your hips, but it’s amazing for your soul.
We had carrot cake, blueberry cake, red velvet cake, malteser cake, chocolate brownies, red nose biscuits…. It works for us so why not try it yourself and maybe you can raise some money by doing something funny at the same time. We even had people coming from other organisations just to eat our cake and I managed to persuade someone who had come for a meeting to nip upstairs and buy a load of cake.

Really?) you can perform all the core functions via the app: sending and requesting money, transferring funds and checking your balance. The upshot of this was that we managed to raise ?110 for Comic Relief and we also probably lowered our blood pressure by at least 15 mm hg, which I am reliably led to believe is very good for you.

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