Yes, it’s a Monday and we are going to talk about something real serious and something not fun to talk about. I talk about money all the time not because I am a soulless person that only thinks about money, but because without it, I wouldn’t be living the life I am today. I am here at CSU in pursuit of an Anthropology Bachelor’s Degree and am aspiring to become a Medical Examiner. I am a proud member of a Sorority here at CSU and Sorority life is NOTHING like they depict in movies. I brag about being a CSU Ram and that's what most of my blogging will be about with a hint of hilarious, embarrassing storytelling and real world college student problems! Jared Leto’s turn in Suicide Squad is the latest reminder that the technique has become more about ego and marketing than good performances. Of all the stories surfacing about the new DC Comics film Suicide Squad—from the dismal reviews to the box-office reports—the most disconcerting are the ones that detail how Jared Leto got into his role as the Joker.
Watching Leto tell one disturbing tale after another makes one thing abundantly clear: Method acting is over.
I bought a PlayStation 4, set it up, heard the game I wanted to play had been delayed, put it away. In the shadow of a steep ridge dusted with gray-purple fronds, I discovered the monolith, which taught me a single word in the language of its alien makers.
The Republican nominee’s staffers and party officials will meet in Orlando during a turbulent month, Politico reports.
Donald Trump’s campaign and Republican National Committee officials will be gathering in Orlando on Friday for an “emergency meeting,” Politico reports.
In recent weeks, a steady trickle of Republicans have come to Clinton’s side, and a number of Republicans have vented frustrations over the party’s nominee. The history of science has been distorted by a longstanding conviction that correct theories about nature are always the most elegant ones.
Imagine you’re a scientist with a set of results that are equally well predicted by two different theories. This, it’s often said, is just where you need a hypothetical tool fashioned by the 14th-century English Franciscan friar William of Ockham, one of the most important thinkers of the Middle Ages. Occam’s razor is often stated as an injunction not to make more assumptions than you absolutely need. Agents discovered 68 firearms, including a 3D-printed pistol that was detected probably because of its metal bullets. Last week TSA caught a near-record 68 firearms in people’s carry-on luggage—including a 3D-printed pistol. In tough times, people want more in a leader than intelligence, integrity, or the ability to build really tall walls.
According to an evolutionary theory proposed by a pair of psychologists, charisma is the ability to convince followers that you can get other members of a wider group to cooperate. A Democratic landslide in November could flip a dozen or more legislative majorities that Republicans captured during the Obama era.
Donald Trump’s recent plunge in the polls has tempted Democrats to widen their dreams for a big night in November. But there could be a Trump effect in another 2016 battleground that could shape the electoral landscape much further into the future: the elections for control of state legislatures.
The wave elections of 2010 and 2014 that gave Republicans majorities in Congress also handed them the levers of power in state governments across the country.
Each year, I keep a running list of exceptional nonfiction that I encounter as I publish The Best of Journalism, an email newsletter that I curate weekly for its subscribers.
At the age of seven, Henry Gustav Molaison was involved in an accident that left him with severe epilepsy.
A documentary explores the promise and perils of the un-indexed internet—a space for hidden revolutions, drugs, terrorism, and child pornography. Be realistic (is it wise to buy those sick beats headphones by Dre on a whim when you barely have the money to pay your bill next week? Leto was reportedly so committed to the part that he gifted the cast and crew with a litany of horrible items: used condoms, a dead pig, a live rat. Not the technique itself, which has fueled many of cinema’s greatest performances and can be a useful way of approaching difficult roles.

Not only does that total beat the better-reviewed Deadpool (84 percent on Rotten Tomatoes), which I loved, it smashed the August box office records previously set in 2014 by Guardians of the Galaxy, which I really loved. A year later, I set it up again, preordered the game, downloaded it overnight, and woke up early on Tuesday, August 9, to leap immediately into the cockpit of a dinky starship crashed on the surface of a poison planet, my 100 percent unique starting point in a virtual cosmos that is—the game’s makers assure us—functionally infinite.
On Wednesday, the Clinton campaign also formally acknowledged anti-Trump Republicans in an effort dubbed Together for America. Called Ochkam’s razor (more commonly spelled Occam’s razor), it advises you to seek the more economical solution: In layman’s terms, the simplest explanation is usually the best one. That pistol was about five-inches long, plastic, and nearly made it onboard a plane in Reno, Nevada. They want someone who can make a compelling pitch and inspire a sense of urgency—someone with charisma.
These researchers found that exposure to charisma increased generosity: Subjects who saw a ted talk by a charismatic speaker later gave more money to a stranger than did those who saw an uncharismatic one.
A landslide victory for Hillary Clinton, they now believe, could bring with it control of the U.S.
Thirty-one out of the nation’s 50 governors are Republicans, and the GOP now controls a record 69 out of 99 state legislative chambers.
Twenty years later, a surgeon named William Scoville tried to cure him by removing parts of his brain. As revealed through Dittrich’s extensive reporting and poetic prose, Molaison’s tale is one of ethical dilemmas that not only influenced his famous surgery but persisted well beyond his death in 2008. In my sophomore year of high school my mom sat me down and told me that if I wanted to go to college that it would have to be me paying for it. Some days we are just in a mood to save money and others we are simply in the mood to spend money. It may simply be saving 2 dollars from each paycheck but save up to make a little trip to your favorite place! I am a First Generation Scholar in my family, which is a huge honor and I am a happy to represent the Johnson clan from Colorado Springs here in Fort Collins. No matter how good and thorough your business plan is, there will always be a learning curve that will bring some problems, both expected and unexpected.
To get into the character’s twisted mindset, he also watched footage of brutal crimes online. But Leto’s stories show how going to great lengths to inhabit a character is now as much a marketing tool as it is an actual technique—one used to lend an air of legitimacy, verisimilitude, and importance to a performance no matter its quality. I haven’t seen it, but I’ve sat through the preview roughly a dillion times this year, and Jared Leto’s cackling psycho hipster routine did not improve with repetition. Then, I went roving on the planet’s surface—layered with deadly miasma, no big deal—to gather the minerals required to fix my ship. At the Raleigh-Durham International Airport this year, officers caught one passenger with an inert rocket-propelled grenade in a carry-on bag. For decades, scholars have struggled to define this X factor, but they are developing a better idea of how it works.
And thinking about a charismatic person (versus an acquaintance) made people more likely to cooperate with a stranger.
Senate and dramatically shrink the party’s gap with Republicans in the House—if not flip it entirely.
The gains the party made in 2010 were particularly crucial, as they allowed Republicans to dominate the redistricting process that occurred after the decennial Census in a way that locked in their gains in the U.S. I could not read or note every worthy article that was published last calendar year and I haven't included any paywalled articles or anything published at The Atlantic. It’s a story about more than just the life of one man or the root of memory; it’s also about how far people are willing to go for scientific advancement, and the human cost of that progress. Making a transition into the real grown up world by paying my own Sorority bills (housing, dining, water, electricity, cable, ect) has been a bit of a struggle. I for sure struggle with this most times when I spend money on other things and then stress when the due date of a bill rolls around.
Some would say that starting a business is not an actual problem, but the ability to successfully maintain one. Leto’s Joker is the latest evidence that the prestige of method acting has dimmed—thanks to the technique’s overuse by those seeking award-season glory or a reputation boost, as well as its history of being shaped by destructive ideas of masculinity.

When the film scored a horrible 26 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, I figured I was in the clear—OK, bad movie, don’t have to see it, back to waiting for Black Panther. In 2014, someone in Northern California tried to smuggle a knife wrapped in an enchilada (an act TSA described as delicious not malicious). Everyone he met, every conversation he had, everything that happened to him would just evaporate from his mind. Here are the 5 common problems any startup and small business eventually face.Money makes the world go roundIt is true that money makes the world go round, but it is also probably the thing that separates successful from the unsuccessful businesses. Turning down an invite to eat out with your friends because you have a bill due the next day can be a bit defeating.
Draining your savings in order to pay your last installment on something can feel ABSOLUTELY horrible (trust me, I just did it). Even after 15 years of pat-downs, beeping metal-detector wands, full-body scanners, and shoe removals, TSA found more than 2,500 guns in carry-on luggage in 2015, more than 80 percent of them loaded. You shouldn’t expect instant profit, because it takes time, dedication and thorough planning before you can see a reasonable profit. Be patient and start slowly.Don’t waste money on unnecessary fancy office supplies and expensive marketing solutions. Have in mind that some of the biggest companies started in their basements or garages, e.g.
Apple, Google, Amazon and many other.When it comes to money management, you need to be realistic and completely understand the different aspects of cash flow.
Very often, accounting and tax planning can be a real nightmare, which is why you should reach out to professionals that can help you with this problem and make auditing services and accounting easier.Clients keep you in businessGaining the trust of new clients can be really hard, especially if you are conducting business in a highly competitive market. This is why you need an excellent marketing strategy and proper research on the competitors. Learn as much as you can about your target group and highlight the benefits they will gain if they decide to go with you. Once you get the first clients, make sure to provide high quality services or products, since you want them to come back and spread the word.
Earn their trust and meet their expectations as you want to make this a long term relationship.Affordable marketing strategyAlthough you shouldn’t waste money on expensive marketing promotion, it certainly doesn’t mean you don’t need one.
As a matter of fact, a proper marketing plan is one of the most important aspects you must consider when starting a small business.
However, instead of spending a small fortune on TV commercials or newspaper ads, the cheaper and by far the most effective way of promoting is via social media marketing. Identify your primary audience and learn which social media platform they spend most of their time on, then reach out to them. Don’t forget to visit various blogs and forums, where your potential clients exchange their opinions.Creating the right teamIt is essential to create a team with productive professional individuals that can truly make a difference.
You need skillful professionals that can make an impact and work perfectly as a team.Taking a riskIn business, you have to take a few risks in order to achieve anything worthwhile. You just need to learn to deal with them and use them to your benefit.Your income depends on clients, which is why you need as many clients as possible. Don’t rely on just one or two big clients, especially if they account for more than a half of your total income. Don’t just wait for problems to occur before doing something about them, try to identify them in advance and you will be able to deal with them more efficiently.Numerous and constant challenges are something every small business owner needs to deal with. Entering the waters of entrepreneurship is time-consuming, but if you are patient and persistent in achieving your goals, you will able to attain a great deal of success with time. Of course, thorough research and a carefully planned business strategy are absolutely necessary or you will unable to keep your business running efficiently and eventually you’ll fail.
Being an avid gaming enthusiast I spend my free time playing games and following various streams of popular streamers.

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