The Strain Hunters seed bank travel to some of the best Cannabis growing areas around the world in search of rare and unique Land-race Cannabis seeds.
Although the Strain Hunters Seed Bank is relatively young, Arjan, Franco and Simon have been involved with the growing and creation of Cannabis strains for several decades, many of you may know Arjan and Franco from the Greenhouse Seeds Company, the most awarded Cannabis seeds company, with a wide and varied collection of Cannabis cup winning strains. With the help of the local Cannabis farmers, the Strain Hunters are able to access high quality, naturally grown Cannabis plants, many of which are well known European strains that have interbred with the local varieties to form unusual and complex new strains, displaying a divergence of characteristics, tastes and aromas. All of the Strain Hunters seeds collection are feminized, guaranteeing female only Cannabis plants.

This indica dominant strain is the result of crossing three amazing phenotypes that offer amazing yield and resilience, easy to cultivate and produce very dense buds with a beautiful fruity aroma.
Grew this plant outdoors, it didn't mind 40+ degrees C.This strain is definitely 1 off my favorites. You can print it onto a subtile T-Shirt or make cheap stickers and bomb the city ;) Includs an (optionally) Legalize it!
Their expeditions in Jamaica, India, Morocco and Africa, to name but a few, have led  to the creation of some fantastic new strains, while incorporating and consolidating some of the finest natural Cannabis and Marijuana strains from all over the world.

Each of the Strain Hunters seeds are contained in unique, individual packaging containing the selected seeds, a flavour wheel and a high quality DVD of the Strain Hunters expedition that yielded that individual strain.

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