Two years ago we gave the room a mini-makeover by changing the color on the walls, the drapes, A and the carpet. If your answer is yes to those questions, then it’s time to grab the tack puller and knee pad and begin loosing up all those staples. Instead of continuing the line to the back of the sofa, go around the front of the arms for more impact. While looking at your amazing and yet so simple transformation, my mind was working at the spead of a bullet! Canadian Tire’s iconic paper money loyalty program is getting a digital makeover next month with consumers able to collect rewards using a mobile app or card – though traditionalists can still get the paper if they want. At an event held Tuesday morning in Toronto, Allan MacDonald, chief operating officer at Canadian Tire, introduced “My Canadian Tire Money” – an enhanced program the retailer has been testing in Nova Scotia for more than two years. To join the program, customers can sign up through Canadian Tire’s mobile app or register for the card or key fob in-store.
For instance, consumers with kids that play hockey will be alerted to deals on equipment at the start of the season, said MacDonald, who was joined at the press conference by Carol Deacon, the retailer’s senior vice-president loyalty and digital. These exclusive bonuses will be sent directly to the shopper’s online and mobile account. The two-year pilot program in Nova Scotia revealed a lot about Canadian Tire’s data mining capabilities and also what consumers liked and disliked about the program, said Deacon.
In November, Stephen Wetmore, chief executive officer of Canadian Tire Corporation, told Marketing that the retailer spent too much money per customer launching the test program in Nova Scotia. Many consumers still value the old-school Canadian Tire paper money, so there are no immediate plans to discontinue it, said MacDonald. And those looking to cash in on the new digital program, can have their paper bills converted to digital currency, which they can track online or through the app. Celebrity hairstylist Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin give two women visiting the TODAY plaza summer-style Ambush Makeovers.
Today's board, paint and tools allow the average homeowner to pretty much do as they wish when it comes to updating or giving kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts a makeover. Over and above painting, this is the easiest way to give plain kitchen cabinets a new look. For adding a frame to doors 6 or 9mm SupaWood is recommended, and working with this is far simpler than thicker boards. Working with SupaWood strips, moulding and trim, there are many design options that you can choose from, all depending on the finished look you want for your cabinet doors. At a cost of around R800, the Skil Mitre Saw is definitely an investment that will save you time and money in the long run.
Cutting 45-degree angles is done by setting the cutting table and ensure exact joins for your door frames.
Before painting or adding a design onto doors or drawer fronts, take the time to sand down the surface with 180-grit sandpaper.
Use Pattex No More Nails ultra interior adhesive to glue the frames and moulding onto the door.

If you are going to be doing a few cabinet doors and drawers fronts it's a good idea to use a caulking gun and product cartridge, as it makes application far easier. After adding frames and trim to your cabinet doors and drawer fronts the next step is painting to finish. Not only doors and drawer fronts, you will also need to paint the cabinet frames and kickplates. As an alternative to sanding down, scrub down with sugar soap, rinse and then apply Plascon Tile and Melamine Primer to the doors and drawer fronts. There are various options for painting your cabinet doors, and we discuss these in our Kitchen section. If you are hand painting the doors you will need a selection of paintbrushes and foam paint rollers in small, medium and large. It's much cheaper to make a mistake on a scrap board than have to re-do your entire kitchen! Mark Hamill sings Celine Dion's All By Myself – who needs a lightsaber when you have a microphone?
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Kitchen cabinets can be given a completely a new look by spending little money and some time.
A Don’t get me wrong, I loved this sofa, I still like it, but after more than ten years looking at the same thing I was more than ready to give it a spruce up. The digital Canadian Tire Money can be redeemed for merchandise, gift cards, automotive services or donated to the Canadian Tire Jumpstart charity. Though the average basket size of a loyalty cardholder versus a non-member was fairly consistent during the test period, loyalty members visited the retailer more frequently, said MacDonald.
The paper bills, which come in pink, purple, blue, brown and green, have affectionately been referred to as Canada’s second currency. If you are an existing print subscriber and you have not yet created an account and password for your digital access, please select “Create an Account”. Both women are visiting New York City with their families, who are amazed by their glamorous new looks.
You have the option to simply paint melamine or laminate doors, add trim and moulding, or have SupaWood cut to size for painting and detailing as you wish. While your local Builders Warehouse only stocks 16mm SupaWood, you will be able to source various other thicknesses from a local timber and board supplier in your area. Ask your supplier to cut half a sheet into 40 or 50mm wide strips that you can then cut down to the lengths required for framing doors. For a classic style incorporate a twisted trim and a simple frame moulding on the inside of the frame.

Adding moulding on top of the door allows you to customise this design into any style of kitchen.
This serves to de-gloss, or remove the glossy finish from melamine or laminate and allow for proper bonding. This non-runny formula has instant tack, allowing you to press down and leave until the glue sets hard. All of these need to be sanded down with 180-grit sandpaper to de-gloss the finish before painting. If you are unsure of the finished look you want, or are scared to take the first step, have some board and trim cut to practice on before you take that leap. Nor is he actually alone as Rey (Daisy Ridley) is there to hand him his lightsaber microphone. It houses the same sofa… The same lamps… The same golden frames surrounding the same prints we loved so much 13 years ago!
A trip to your local Builders Warehouse will kit you out with everything you need, from cut SupaWood board, to new handles and knobs.
Make up different door styles and then paint these to give you an idea of the direction you want to take. The white painting kitchen cabinets can be with the colour of your choice and patterns can be added as well in order to give them a trendy look. First paint them white so that any colour applied on them after that will settle easily and give a fine finish.
I don’t think it ever occurred to them to change it out but I love changing things up every few years or so.
Use 9mm SupaWood for the framing and cut the Masonite bead board panels to fit inside the frame. Well you can go for a new one but why take headache and burn a hole in your pocket when you can give your existing cabinet a makeover.
You can acquire White Painting Kitchen Cabinets and read the White Painting Kitchen Cabinets in here.
I love having a lumbar pillow or two thrown in the mix, and the leftover fabric look just about the right size for them. You can download and obtain the Painting Kitchen Cabinets Gray images by click the download button below to get multiple high resolution versions.

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