In another GOP era, such a revelation about a presidential candidate’s wife might make for quite the scandal.
In keeping with this aesthetic, Trump and his campaign’s response to the Post article has been anything but apologetic. A Landsburg Blast from the Past on Trade Pity the Misunderstanding Staying Classy, Trump Impugns Parents of Dead Muslim Soldier Milton Friedman Discusses Free Trade Progressivism Evolves from Soak the Rich to Soak the Poor CFL 2016 Schedule and Food a€“ One Week Away! While it might piss off the Christian conservative base, Trump has already done plenty to alienate them, with seemingly little consequence.
In a sea of awful opinions from both major-party candidates, I’ll take this as one teeny, tiny bright spot. HERE IS WHAT HAPPENEDTiruchi Siva, the Rajya Sabha MP from DMK, said that as he was returning from the Delhi airport canceling his tickets, he was shocked by Sasikala Pushpa's attack on him.

Meanwhile, many in the Republican Party wish their party would ignore, or at least take a less aggressive stance, on things like pornography and other social issues.
And while that might mean an abandonment of limited-government principles, a tepid-at-best embrace of Christianity, and an uptick in blatant racism and nationalism, it’s come with a few idiosyncratic upsides, including less tolerance for the old culture wars. Animosity toward sexualitya€”be it in the form of pinup pics or same-sex relationshipsa€”just isn’t a motif with Trump. You will receive an adblock detection screen on private window, even if you are not running any adblock plugins.

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